“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

Albert Einstein


Every time I would hear/read this quote, I thought to myself how much sense it made but never applied it in my life. Last week however, I had an” insanity” moment. There I was sitting in my room with the guy I have been dating for the past 3 years when it hit me . Nothing was changing in our relationship even though I wanted it to and I realized its because I looked at the situation solely from my point of view and feeling trapped because of my emotions instead of looking at the situation fromanother perspective and seeing it for what it really was. I have said time and time again that you can’t change someone’s behaviors to make them think/act the way you see fit. I believed this but yet I kept behaving the same way hoping that things would change and would become super frustrated/irritated when they didn’t. After he left, a light bulb of sorts clicked on in my head and I said that I can’t keep doing this to myself so I have to be the one to change. No matter what happens, I need to be true to myself and what I want out of life. I hadn’t been doing that because I put someone else’s needs/desires before my own. Being selfless isn’t necessarily a bad thing but when you lose yourself in the process, it is time to take a step back and reevaluate the situations and choices that you have made. I told myself from that moment, I would fall back from our situation for a bit and do what I felt was best for me.

I needed a break from us and instead of being predictable (always being available when he called/texted) I would take the time out to figure out what I really wanted and make it clear that I would no longer continue to settle to appease him. I also told myself that I would be more open to meeting new people instead of putting more effort and energy into a situation that had me in a stagnant place. I don’t want to jump into anything serious but I just want to let things happen naturally. When I am so wrapped up in a situation, its hard to see any other outcome besides the one I want and when things don’t work out the way I planned, I tend to feel like I failed. I am trying to look at my so-called “failures” as lessons that I can take with me along this journey that is life. I know with every misstep I take, I am being directed on the path that will bring me love, success and happiness. I have to allow positive change to guide me and stop being so resistant to the unknown. I am not sure what will happen with me and the guy but I know that I can’t let fear of failure be the reason that I am willing to fight for someone and something that may not be worth fighting for. If I allow that to happen, my life will be the epitome of insanity and I don’t have time for it:) I have to continue to make moves and this week and this post is the first step!  Much love to you all and I hope everyone has a great week:)

Always remember to love and live luxuriously!

The Power of Makeup

Last week was a sick/lazy week for me so I really didn’t have the energy or inspiration to write.  Yesterday I wanted to write a blog post about one of my biggest fears (which I intend to talk about tomorrow) but then I saw this video and I was instantly intrigued. I loved how this makeup artist described her clients beauty, even though they could not see it for themselves. As someone who is hired to enhance a person’s best features and minimize what one considers a flaw, I was blown away at how she can make someone feel like they are on top of the world with just a few brush strokes. The point and power of her message is much deeper than makeup and although she is a professional makeup artist, her true talent is giving confidence and hope to others who may have lost both throughout life’s journey. Watch the video below and let me know what you think of her message!

Always remember to love and live luxuriously!

Fashion Fridays-50′s Inspired Clothing

Starting today. I’ve decided to make every Friday “Fashion Friday” on Amore Luxe. I don’t proclaim to be a “fashionista” in any way but I know what I like. I am a self-proclaimed “girly girl” and I love feminine details like lace and sparkles. Animal print has made its way into my wardrobe in the past 2 years and I am in love with long summer dresses. Lately, I have been drawn to more of a traditional yet sexy look. I have noticed that many designers and celebrities alike have been drawn to the look and fit of clothing from the 50′s. I love that women were outfits that were simple yet classic and whether you wore a dress or pants, the outfits embraced a woman’s curves and drew attention to her best features. I plan on buying a few 50′s inspired  outfits to add to my wardrobe this summer and here are 3 looks that I love!


















Polka Dot Dress

I love the simplicity yet fun feel of a polka dot dress. Its bright but not over the top and the overall design of the dress is sexy without showing too much. This dress is flattering on all different sizes and I feel it’s the perfect dress to wear out to a brunch or picnic and if you wear the right accessories and shoes, you can wear it to a party or another dress up function. If you aren’t particularly fond of polka dots, try it in a simple solid color. Versatility is key for me when it comes to buying pieces and in my opinion, this dress is the epitome of versatile.

















One Piece Swimsuit

Back in the 50′s, women were more modest when it came to showing off their bodies especially on the beach. As a result, one piece swimsuits were ideal whether you wanted to jump in the water or simply lay out in the sun. Even though we have a variety of swimsuit looks to choose from today from bikinis to monokinis and everything in between, its nice to take it back to a classic and timeless look. I think that this swimsuit is nice because the ruching in the midsection can give the look of a flatter stomach and the halter top draws attention to the neckline. Whether you like wearing patterns or just one color, this one piece will flatter your figure!















Tank Top and Shorts

This is one of my favorite looks because its simple( which is a trend in 50′s wear) but can be worn in many ways. The model pictured has a striped tank with jean shorts but you can change the color of the tank and jeans so they can work for you. Add a cute accessory like a flower in your hair to complete the look. This look can be worn with sneakers for a casual feel (Keds are my fave for this look especially the ones with different patterns on them) or a peep toe pump to dress it up a bit. It’s all about your personality and what you feel comfortable with but keeping it simple yet chic is the best way to pull off this look!

If you aren’t sure where to find these types of outfits, make sure you check out sites such as (love their vintage dresses section) and for a variety of 50′s inspired clothing that will work for any budget. Happy shopping and since I’m still an amateur in this fashion game, I love reading your comments/suggestions/critiques so please feel free to comment below. Have an amazing weekend:)


Love and live luxuriously!

Not On The First Date


What is a woman to do at 1 a.m. when she cant sleep (hasn’t blogged in eons) and needs to be up in 3 hours? I know! Browse Facebook until she gets sleepy. Here it is, all hours of the darkness and I reach for my tablet and illuminate the dark with its bright little screen.

Smile at video of a dad taking his daughter on a date.
Hmm… What’s this?

And so it begins. I came across a post in one of my forums about a female who had recently wrapped up her first date with a guy. I just knew this was going to be entertaining so, I refilled my cup of tea, wrapped the covers around me, turned up the brightness on my tablet and read on. She was in utter shock and appalled that she offered to pay and he actually LET her pay. Excuse me, let me be more precise, she said she “cutsie haggled”. Then concluded by asking if she was wrong for feeling “some kind of way”.

So many violations here I didn’t even bother to count them off. AFTER I caught my breath from laughing uncontrollably I had to inquire what exactly is “cutsie” haggling? Then it occurred to me its that random thing women do when they are trying to flirt and attempt to umm “put up a fight”. Ladies, you know the scenario.

Guy: I got the dishes

You: That’s ok, I can get it.

Guy: You sure?

You: Dont worry, I got it.

Dishes, laundry, and unscheduled trips to the store are all game for “cutsie” haggling. However, on the first date if anyone mentions dutch I would hope they are talking about apple pie.

I hear alot of people say dutch has no place in first date conversation. I beg to differ. You can have a very enlightening conversation involving dutch. Let’s see… You can talk about how the DUTCH created bluetooth technology, or how the DUTCH were the first to breed orange carrots (carrots weren’t originally orange), you can even talk about the artist Rembrandt. He’s DUTCH!

First date etiquette,  who is paying should already be established. I’m sure there are millions of different opinions, circumstances and situations that could vary the outcome of that instance. However, to my ladies don’t ask questions you don’t want the answers to.

As an onlooker, I was more shocked that she offered to than by his willingness to allow her to do so. You would have to miss me with that ENTIRE line of thinking.

( 0_0 )  - “get that outta here”
  <)  )/
     | \

I am all for a woman having the capacity to pay for her kick it, her bills and what not, but if a man wants your time and attention and wants to take YOU out there is nothing to turn down but your collar. There is absolutely nothing wrong with allowing a man to treat you respectfully, and like you are the special creation that you are. Before you get your panties in a bunch, hear me out. Even though there are men who would not dare compromise their gentleman status because of this, ask any guy and many guys will admit that when a woman exhibits too many independent (not self sufficient, there is a difference) behaviors they tend to get the impression she isn’t too interested in being treated like a lady.

I think the most interesting and entertaining part about her post were the comments. There were dozens of comments about how wrong he was for allowing her to pay and plenty of admonishment towards her even forming the thought to ask to pay. I can just hear my mother in my head now, ” You bet not let me catch you THINKING about nothing like that!”, lol.

What say you? Do you think they share responsibility for their thought processes or do you think one party was more responsible than the other? I can’t wait to hear your thoughts!