Feature Artist: Dawn Richard

Many of us were introduced to Dawn Richard as one of the lead singers in Diddy’s all girl group “Danity Kane” When the group disbanded, Dawn joined Diddy’s new group “Diddy Dirty Money” Their first album “Last Train To Paris” has received critical acclaim but Dirty Money only gave us a little taste of what Dawn has to offer. Her 1st solo album “Golden Heart” will be dropping this fall and in my interview with Dawn we discussed her album as well as her thoughts on different topics relating to love, sex and life. Her answers were very heartfelt and thought provoking and I am so excited to see what she has in store for her fans. Check out the interview and be sure to follow Dawn on twitter @dawnrichard and visit her blog http://dawnrichardblog.com Enjoy!


Edit: Also be sure to check out my 2nd interview with Dawn from this past January after her show as SOB’s in NYC and stay tuned for the Daniky Kane project…so excited about that!




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