Love: When Love Isn’t Enough [Fabolous and Emily B]

*Disclaimer* I do not know Fabolous, Emily B or any of their associates personally. These are my opinions based off of what I’ve seen/read about their relationship.


Before “Love and Hip Hop” premiered on VH1 2 years ago, I did not know that Fabolous had a child with a woman that he had been involved romantically and professionally (as his stylist) for over 7 years. Once I saw Emily B and heard her story, I was ashamed and disgusted at their relationship. Fab never claimed her in any of his interviews and she wasn’t allowed to go to any red carpet events with him. She claimed that he wasn’t the “player” image he portrayed in the media but being seen with multiple girls and sleeping with them (including fellow castmate Kimbella while she was pregnant with his son) sure screams “player” to me. How can a woman who is beautiful and successful become so helpless and appear to be a doormat for a man? Emily cried and cried on national television, moved out of the house that they shared, claimed she wanted to be a good role model for her teenage daughter but after all was said and done, she ended up going right back to him. I am not saying that people can’t change or that Fab doesn’t love her. However, I am finding it hard to believe that she loves herself enough more than him because when it comes to strengthening the foundation in relationships, love is not enough!  As I have stated time and time again, the man is the icing on the cake, not the cake itself! I think that since she put all of her dirty laundry on national television for the world to see, she would be a shining example of someone who loved hard but had the strength to move on and find happiness outside of a man. Only time will tell with this situation but as of right now, Emily has let m eand many other women down!

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