Love: Stevie J and Mimi (and Joseline!)

*Disclaimer* I am in no way affiliated with anyone associated with Love and Hip Hop or VH1.This is just my opinion based on what I have seen from the show…Read and let me know what you think!


Before watching Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, I expected there to be drama because the original version of the show was full of it. Having a reality show that places women of color in a positive light is almost unheard of especially from VH1 and after watching the first 3 episodes of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, I realized that VH1 has reached a new low. Instead of seeing classy, sophisticated ladies in the entertainment industry like Brandy, Monica and Lala, I see women who have no real relevance without the association of a male figure. I see women who have had obvious amounts of work done, women who seem to want all the fame and fortune at any cost and women who are so hung up over a man that she will try to ignore what is right in front of her face to make sure he sticks around. The storyline that sticks out the most is the crazy love triangle that involves hip hop producer Stevie J, the mother of one of his children, Mimi, and the artist he is managing, Joseline. Mimi suspects that Stevie J is sleeping with Joseline and asks him about it repeatedly. Of course he does what most men in that situation would do: LIE!!! She knows he’s lying, the viewers’ know he’s lying but she still tries to make it work. Why??? Is it because of the money, (which honestly I doubt he has that much of since he hasn’t been relevant in a while) because of their child (who is too young to comprehend the foolishness that her mother is dealing with thank goodness!) or because she is really in love??? I don’t understand it because if my man paraded another woman around, I’d be damned if I decided to take half of the side chick’s profits to downplay his indiscretions.  And don’t get me started on Joseline!!!! I am not gonna even go into whether I think she’s a man or not (even though the whole convo is entertaining!) but I can’t believe someone would be proud of being a “side chick” because he is helping her advance in her career. Mixing business with pleasure is bad enough but then being involved with someone who you know is with someone else and flaunting the relationship out in public is so tacky and tasteless. I think that her talent should speak for itself instead of having her chocha do all the work for her. What is the message that these ladies are sending to young girls? Mimi and Joseline are perfect examples of what happens when low self-esteem takes its toll. They have done whatever it takes to make Stevie J happy instead of focusing on their own lives without him. Depending on a man for emotional and financial security is a NO-NO. A man should be the icing on the cake not the cake itself. I try to live by that mantra every day and I hope that the women who watch Love and Hip Hop Atlanta can learn from Mimi and Joseline on what NOT to do to be happy and successful in love and in life.

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