Love: Evelyn and Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson

I knew right from the start that he’d go and break her heart!

Yeah i changed up MC’s lyrics a bit but I think me and everyone else with any sense knew that this relationship was doomed from the start! Let’s rewind a bit to two years ago when Chad and Evelyn started tweeting and dming each other…since they had an audience from the beginning (Chad being an NFL player and Evelyn being on Basketball Wives) it seemed like they were being attention whores from the beginning! In the second season of Basketball Wives, we see that their relationship wasn’t as great as it seemed. Chad didn’t seem to be willing to completely let go of his “player lifestyle” and Evelyn had a difficult time dealing with him having female friends. Chad didn’t seem passionate about the relationship and Evelyn seemed to latch on because he was her next meal ticket. The connection wasn’t there and I felt that they both were opportunists especially when I heard that they were paid six figures for their VH1 wedding special. I didn’t think their marriage would last but I never saw domestic abuse being the reason for their ultimate demise. Rumor has it that Evelyn confronted him about condoms she found and the situation went downhill from there. I have some sympathy for Evelyn but not much because she knew what she was getting into when dealing with someone like him. He should have NEVER hit her but why would she be surprised about him having condoms in his car when she knew that he wanted more of an open relationship to begin with? Did she think that marriage would make him want to be monogamous???It all goes back to what you are willing to put up with. Evelyn appeared to have a high tolerance for bs but when it came down to it, she couldn’t handle all he had to offer and not only did her relationship crumble but her public persona did as well. She is letting this situation mess up her book tour and other promotion plans. I hope she comes out of hiding and tells the world about what really happened so that young women are able to see that everything that glitters isn’t gold. Only then will I feel that she has redeemed herself and can be considered a rolemodel for others. I don’t know what’s gonna happen with them but I hope that future celeb “couples” learn from their mistakes and keep the cameras and blogs away from their relationships!

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