Love: Chris Brown/Rihanna/Karruche Love triangle

I didn’t want to tackle this love triangle at first because I knew that every gossip/relationship blog would be talking about this for the next few months but I have very strong opinions on their issues especially since they are public figures so I had to put my two cents in…well more like a quarter cause I have a lot to say but you know what I mean!

Okay let me start off with Chris and Rihanna. After the whole domestic violence incident and Rihanna throwing him under the bus for publicity, I assumed that he would be shamed forever and she would move on. This proved not to be the case and rumors of them creeping around have been going on for months now. After the restraining order was lifted, it seems as if they didn’t give a damn and felt like they could do whatever. Unfortunately they can’t get away with creeping because of the paparazzi and what not…just not happening

Throw Chris Brown’s former girlfriend Karruche in the mix( I’m not gonna butcher her name like most bloggers do because she’s been through enough!) seeing the train wreck the public has been exposed to and so much more…having Rihanna throw shade in songs at her (sweeter than the rice cake) and having her mentions flooded with Chris Brown fans and random people who felt like she was an opportunist with no talent. To add to all of this misery, Chris is just doing whatever and she is letting him get away with it is crazy to me!  As soon as the “Birthday Cake” remix was released, that would have been my sign to exit this relationship because it is obvious that they still deal with each other on a personal level.

It seems like both Rihanna and Karruche have issues letting go of Chris. It took Chris to publicly humiliate both of them for them to leave (battered pics of Rihanna leaked all over the internet and video of him being in love with 2 women for Karruche to get the point) and 3 years later, Rihanna ends up back in his arms…literally! Now I’m not saying he’s going to lay hands on her up again or anything like that but obviously they had issues way before the incident occurred. Forgiving someone is one thing, that is what you have to do to move on but to go back to the person is giving a chance for history to repeat itself.  Rihanna and Karruche deserve to be happy but I think that they need to find it within themselves, not in someone who shows no stability or security.  For any ladies who are going through something similar: You have to do better! Let him go because going back doesn’t lead to growth. You will remain stagnant in the relationship which will affect other areas of your life. Love is a powerful feeling and it isn’t logical but loving yourself first is what is most important and will help you focus on what is most important. The moral of the story: Move forward to the future and leave the past in the past.

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