Life: Irreplaceable: 4 Things technology can never replace

I can just see it now, most of you are probably sitting in front of the television or another plate of food…new iphone or tablet in hand reading this while half stuffed with ham, pie, and a partial egg nog hangover from the night before.

There was a time when people only had one phone and phone number (and you could still reach them.) Now we have multiple options and more device chargers than any one person can count. Each year we are bombarded with computers, voice activated gadgets, and of course at least 4 new iphone upgrades or accessories.

While I adore some technology there are some things that can never be replaced. Here are a few of my favorites:

1. Hugs- Coming up on 2013 we can Skype, FaceTime and “insta” everything! However, nothing can replace the human hug it dries up tears this things words cannot say and has been known to nurse a ling premature babies back to life.

2. Ingenuity- We can draft, design, and even sign our names electronically…but I bet you that a computer couldn’t come up with Rocky Road ice cream, or hot fudge sundaes, or for holiday junkies like me, eggnog (can you tell I love that stuff).

3. Family Traditions- I appreciate the e-cards, text messages, and phone calls but there is nothing like a prayer before a meal or Domino’s while watching the game or the soul train line to that one favorite song before everyone decides to go home.

And last but by far not the least…

4. Memories- Endless facebook albums and 400 instagram pictures later, technology can never replace a memory. The way my grandmother always smelled of cherry/almond Jergens or my Uncle who always smelled of Noxema and Magic Shave (for those of you who don’t know what Magic Shave smells like, don’t get curious after this post an go exploring, it is not the business.) Memories like bruised knees from falling off the front porch or the way the lights hang across the front window during Christmas because your Dad didn’t buy enough pins to hang them up.

Whenever you hug, remember that its special, whatever you create is unique, signature food dishes at family gatherings should be cherished and memories well, you should never stop making them, because that’s one thing technology can never replace.

By the way, this entire post was done via my smartphone. Catch you all next year!

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