Life: Flipping The Switch – Turning on your motivation in 2013

Oh my! I get to be the first experience of the New Year!! I just can’t beat that, Happy New Year. I am so excited about this year because I KNOW that I WILL succeed in reaching AND exceeding my goals. I am busting at the seams to bare my beautiful soul to the world.

With all of the parties, kick backs, food, and fly outfits floating around this universe I decided to browse social media. That’s when I started noticing an interesting trend. People trying to flip the switch of motivation on December 31st. Some people that I KNOW haven’t touched that switch since December 31st of LAST year.

2013 is off to an interesting start, I’ve noticed that there are a whole lot of people “feeling” themselves, but left their supply of “Ackrite” in 2012. Please be confident for a reason, not arrogant just because.

Ease into your new lifestyle, anything worth having is worth the work. It takes alot more than confetti at midnight,  and a hangover at the gym in the morning to make a change, lose 60 pounds, and erase all the losers in your life. If you didn’t do it before December 31st, please don’t expect the switch to flip just like that.

Like everything in life flipping the switch is a process. Stop being your own worst enemy before you burn yourself out. What is there to be gained from a burn out? High blood pressure, 20 more lbs, and probably right back where you where this time last year. I heard someone say recently that practice makes permanent.

So how can we make some of these changes permanent? We can start by changing how we think. Not allowing the negative things we think to manifest themselves. Coments like, “I’m not sure I can do that.” Or, “Thats a big job.” No more, “I will try”, how about, “I WILL”?!

So because I am so awesome I am going to start you off with some positive words to substitute when your sentences about yourself start to look a bit embarassing.

Here is my A to Z list of awesome affirmations to help you flip the switch:

A – Awesome, attractive, amazing

B – Beautiful, brilliant, beneficial

C – Creative, charming, courageous

D – Dazzling, divine, distinguished

E – Elegant, effective, electrifying

F – Fabulous, fantastic, fine

G – Glamorous, glowing, gorgeous, graceful, great

H – Handsome, happy, harmonious

I – Innovative, imaginative, intelligent

J – Jovial, joyous, jubilant

K – Knowledgeable, keen, kind

L – Luminous, lively, lovely

M – Magnificent, marvelous, motivational

N – Nurturing, noble, noteworthy

O – Optimistic, open-minded, observant

P – Phenomenal, pleasant, powerful

Q – Quality, quaint, qualified

R – Reliable, refreshing, remarkable

S – Skillful, stunning, superb, sublime, (and my favorite) successful

T – Terrific, thrilling, thorough

U – Upbeat, unwavering

V – Vivacious, vibrant, victorious

W – Wonderful, worthy, winner

X – Well you guys, “X” is more of a variable than a word. Just make sure that when considering the “X” thats something you leave in your past, not drag into your future.

Y – Youthful, yummy (yeah, I said yummy!)

Z – Zealous, zany, zest (so, normally that word is used on food, but ANYONE can have a zest for life!)

There you have it everyone! I’ve provided you with half a tank of motivation, the rest is up to you. 2013 WILL be AMAZING, I can’t wait to experience with you.

See you all next week.

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