Motivation: We All Need It!

Several days into the New Year and I’m already noticing people falling off the cliff of despair. I’m watching people revert from being resolute to just having a resolution. Its a sad state of affairs, but instead of lamenting, baby let me be your motivation *in my sexy Kelly Rowland voice*. Already I’m reading posts on Facebook about impending drama, people that need to be cut off, and unruly relationships. For those of you who have never read my non factor rant:

e(X)+ wh(Y)= unmeasurable stupidity. Sometimes it doesn’t always have to be an e(X), sometimes its just a wh(y)

For example:

Wh(Y) do I still talk to this negative person?


Wh(Y) don’t I spend enough time on myself?

Well, today I would like you to examine your Wh(Y) factor and make sure its not draining your motivation this new year. I am not perfect and won’t pretend like I haven’t had at least one personal malfunction during this past week. However, I do have a little get right in my system. Here are a few ways to help all of us maintain the magnificent, marvelous, magical motivation we started 2013 with. (You like how I used some of the motivational words from my previous post? I thought you guys might get a kick out of that. If you haven’t seen the post yet you can check it out by clicking here.)

1. Stop Lying To Yourself:

If  you are a size 16, stop buying the 12 and telling people you are just a little bit bloated. Please just put in the work, because at that rate of lying next year your bloating will have you in a size 20… I am not saying sometimes we can’t fake it til we make it, but if its going to hurt your progress in the long run, leave that one on the rack!

2. Acknowledge Your Progress:

So what you only wrote 50 pages in your soon to be released novel instead of the 90 you had intended to write. That is 50 pages down, instead of beating yourself up for not having written a full 90. Take joy in the completion of the 50. You do not have to dance the jig in the middle of the street if your project isn’t complete but please people stop acting like you did not accomplish ANYTHING during the time you were putting in work. That is a great way to kill your motivation before it can build up any power. Your mind automatically thinks, ” Why should I do that? I’m not going to get anywhere.” My favorite are the people who say, ” I know I’ve come along way BUT…” But what? You’ve come a long way and that should be cause for a pat on the back!

3. Brush Your Shoulders Off:

Speaking on pats on the back, while you are in that region go ahead and brush your shoulders off! There is nothing wrong with fixing yourself up. Fresh line up, fresh outfit…nails done, hair done, everything did; you fancy huh? ( I couldn’t resist the references)Just because you aren’t at your goal weight or don’t have the job you prefer does not mean that you have to walk around with your shoulders slumped over, looking broke, busted and disgusted. Smile, you never know whose watching. Or better yet, you never know who might fall in love with your smile! Here lately when I need to smile I think about the homeless guy who told me one day, ” You look like you cook. Girl if you give me a chance I will go to rehab for you!” I was um flattered… *insert blank expression*, I still get a kick out of it though. I still don’t understand how a person can LOOK like they cook! There is almost no better way to feel good and maintain motivation than to be esthetically pleasing to yourself.

4. Look On The Bright Side:

So, one side of your brain says the cup is half full, the other side says its half empty. I SAY who cares how much is in the glass, just drink it! For whatever reason in this society we have become comfortable with assuming the negative. Why is that? For the purpose of keeping this motivation thing trending how about we look on the bright side. If you woke up this morning you are ahead of the game, if you know one person who cares you got a gold star… Use that before you attach yourself to the “I can’t” sentences, or the “Its too hard” phrases. Like the Little Orphan Annie said, the sun will come out tomorrow.

5. Make It Fun:

Get a new playlist, make a game of cleaning and eating healthy, don’t deny yourself good times on the way to your goals and heart’s desires. Skip instead of walk (yes I do it so don’t laugh), dance when no one else is watching so you can smile when no one else is smiling. Its ok to be happy. Let me repeat myself, It is ok to be happy!

Hopefully this tune up will help keep your engine going just a little while longer. Just some positive options to help keep you resolute in 2013. Check y’all next time!

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