Unapologetic(on my Rihanna ish!)


Been listening to Rihanna’s new album a lot lately…I actually purchased it and I DON’T buy albums like that lol but I like most of the songs on it especially Phresh Off The Runway, Love Without Tragedy/Mother Mary and Looooove Song(minus Future’s part!)

I think the reason why her album speaks to me so much its because she’s a mess and not afraid to admit it…from the songs about her and Chris Brown(especially the duet they did together) she’s letting the world know that she has fucked up and she isn’t sorry because it’s her life. For the first time in a long time, she’s vulnerable without playing the victim. You can be the good guy in some situations and the bad guy in others but know that it’s YOU that has to live with every decision you make. The world may never understand what’s going on in her head(I stopped trying a long time ago) but she is living her life with no regrets and I respect her for that.

Never apologize when you aren’t sorry…I’m definitely not sorry for anything that has happened because without those experiences, I wouldn’t be here today 🙂 


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