What Loving Yourself Truly Means

self loveLoving yourself does not mean becoming a jerk to everyone else. What I’ve seen a lot of people do, especially women, is while they tell themselves “I love myself” they tear down others. Loving yourself never means you get to talk bad about other people. No matter how much you “love” yourself, it doesn’t give you any right to rag on someone else’s weight, height, how many baby fathers/mothers they may have, where they live, how much money they make or don’t make, etc. because you could easily be in their shoes. In fact, when you TRULY love yourself it’s expressed not just in how you treat yourself but how you treat others. How we treat others is just a reflection of how we really feel about ourselves. If everything came from God and was created by God, we should understand that when we tear down others we are tearing down ourselves in the process. So in order to really love yourself you must also love others. How we do that is by starting from within and working our way out.

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