Excuses: Everybody has one!


Other than being grateful when I woke up this morning, I had a handful of excuses prepped and ready for use, all I had to do was choose one. Im too tired, my feet are swollen, my knees hurt, my fingers are cramping, im too stressed, I dont feel like it ( I know, I know, I sound old) but instead of picking one I had to ask myself: Are my excuses bigger than my dreams?

Are your excuses bigger than your dreams? Before you start brushing your shoulders off, and answer yes make sure you are being real with yourself. If any of these have crossed your lips there is a high possibility you are cheating yourself instead of treating yourself.

1. Your disability won’t let you:
I truthfully believe that the only real disability is having a bad attitude however, that is just my opinion. What would the world be like if Stevie Wonder said his disability wont let him? Or better yet, if MY disability wouldnt “let” me, YOU wouldnt be reading this right now. Consider how outrageous it sounds to seek permission to thrive from a disability. Just a thought.

2. You don’t have the knowledge:
At first glance this does not seem like an excuse. Or at least until you realize there are things called books, web sites like Google, and BING, online courses, conventional education and my favorite YouTube! There are too many ways to become educated in 2013, use them.

3. It’s too hard:
I would like to pretend like this excuse is obsolete, but alas it still exsists in all it’s unnecessary splendor. When I hear people say its too hard, I dont hear difficulty, I hear fear. So I offer up this little spot of sunshine for the dark, damp, and otherwise unilluminated corners of your cranium…
False Evidence Appearing Real

4. You haven’t done it before:
Come on now people, really? You had never been potty trained at one point in your life, but I am sure you made it over that milestone in your life (I hope). Bottom line is you never know until you try.

5. Your kids won’t let you:
So there are dozens upon dozens of wonderful businesses that have been started by resourceful, driven, vivacious mothers and fathers. Everything from touch up paint pens, to bbq sauce! Dont believe me check out the Mogul Mom Natalie Gouché, she is an awesome business woman, and a great mom.

6. You’ll get to it later: Procrastinator of the world UNITE! Tomorrow…. This is your dream, your passion, your hearts desire. Why would you want to waste a day that you can never get back?

7. You have too many things on your plate:
This concept never seems to be an issue whenever food is involved, so why are your goals different? Priorities and organization are required to curb this brand of nonsense. Use your resources as well. Never be too proud to ask for help. Closed mouths do not get fed.

8. You arent creative enough:
You came up with the your dream/goal/concept didnt you? Well alright then. You have to start somewhere! Just because you cant create a beat like Kanye or create a clothing line like Coco Chanel doesnt mean that your creativity isnt valid.

9. You dont have the degree/credentials:
Please see #2 before continuing… A degree is not required to make a difference or make things happen for yourself. If an education is your desired by all means reach higher. Just keep in mind though that Madame CJ Walker didnt need a degree to make her first million.

10. I am just one person:
I had to save this malicious mode of thinking for last. Please do not diminish your worth with this trash. Media will have you believe that aside from needing money, you are required to know all the right people. I doubt Malcolm X, Thomas Edison, or Gandhi pumped themselves up by saying, “Im just one person”.

These arent the only excuses in the world and I hope that using excuses does not or has not become your world. Everyday is chance to experience something or someone new. A chance to move closer to your dream, so why waste that chance making excuses?

Til next post!

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