What makes you beautiful


I am going to be completely honest with all of you because I love you guys and though I may be judged for this next statement, at least I kept it real right???


Yeah so ummmm I’ve been listening to *cough* One Direction’s*cough* song “What makes you beautiful” a lot lately and I realized that we as women are so critical of ourselves that we pick at things that others especially the opposite sex don’t even notice. I remember Katt Williams(wayyy before his breakdown) said something like “never has a man ever changed his mind about having sex with you because her fingernails and toenails didn’t match” He was more explicit but you get my point…confidence isn’t about your physical appearance as much as its about how you feel about yourself mentally.


Beauty is subjective anyway believe me when I tell u because I have friends that date guys that I would NEVER even give any of my time to on my worst day but they see something in them that they like. Many times, I have been called out for being superficial and only being into someone because of their looks. I learned that the hard way from dating my ex. He was(and still is ) all looks and very little substance. I want someone that can still hold my attention after the physical attributes fade away. Looks initially capture the eye but wit, charm and sincerity capture the soul.

That in my opinion is what makes all of us beautiful:)



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