A Healing From The Past


A lot of times we’re taught not to look back. Leave the past in the past. But what if you never healed from what happened in the past? If all we do is cover up the hurt or what happened to us, we’re going to either walk into the future with constant fear because we never confronted the past or just one day be knocked on our behind by it because we thought by “leaving it alone” was the answer. In order to heal we’ll have to go back to the point where the hurt began. Although it may seem like it hurts and it’s still painful, it’s the kind of pain that brings on strength, courage, power, wisdom, and freedom. Freedom from whatever was keeping you from living your life the way you should be living it, peacefully and joyfully. So don’t be afraid of the past, and do not let it keep your healing hostage. Don’t be afraid to dig up some painful events if it means getting healed from it not to throw it up in anyone’s face. This is for YOU! Many of us don’t know we’re still wounded until someone bring up a similar topic or “rub us the wrong way” then we take our anger and pain out on people who had nothing to do with our past. If that’s happened to you, then you are not healed and you will continue to ruin other future relationships because you’ve decided to stay wounded and wrapped in what someone did to you and instead of going back to the original problem. And like I said before, healing doesn’t mean we dig up the past to throw things is people’s face. You can’t change the fact your father/mother wasn’t there for you. You can’t change the fact the father of your child left you. Healing means acknowledging the hurt, sometimes admitting some fault, but also letting go so it no longer has power over you or your future. It means forgiving. So whatever or whoever you haven’t forgiven in your past, it’s time to go back and do so.



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