Change Comes From Within

change-myself-223x300When I started “The Angielala  Experience”, I wanted to talk about love and relationships because I found the subject to be complex and I knew that many people would have opinions on the topic. I thought that after talking to a lot of people, I would become an “expert” of sorts on the subject and would be able to give others advice on how to deal with love/relationship issues…I was way off. 2 years of talking and hearing others issues and I feel like I know NOTHING! well not nothing but I feel that I’m better suited to talk about self-image issues which affect all aspects of a person’s life. Over the past few years since launching the site, I have learned a lot about myself and the woman I want to become and slowly but sure trying to take the steps to get to that point. Implementing changes in my life hasn’t always been the easiest thing but I know that it is something that I have to do to get to where I am going.

The thing that baffles me is that as hard as it is to want to change things about yourself and your life, it is damn near impossible to change someone else into who you want them to be. I used to go through all of these emotional changes because I thought that if I proved myself to be the most attentive, sweet, patient, ready to please woman,  the guy I was into at the moment would change the way he acted and he would see the error in his ways and do what I wanted him to do. Boy was I WRONG!I ended up miserable when the dude wasn’t even stressing and when I would end things it would be a surprise to them because they were content with the way things were. Instead of realizing that things weren’t going to change early on and handle the situation accordingly, I went crazy trying to change  things to my liking. Lasting change isn’t the sole result of outside influences. Change happens when the person is ready to take the time to work on himself or herself. Worrying about someone else and what they aren’t doing takes away from you and all the other things you could be doing with your time.

Don’t waste your time, energy (or money cause I’ve been there) trying to change someone who is perfectly fine with the way they are. Most importantly, don’t lose yourself in the process….be the best version of yourself that YOU want  to be not instead of trying to be  what you think others expect of you.




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