Guilt: When Feeling Good Goes Bad


Have any of you ever felt guilty after eating some really good ice cream and then remembering you just lost 20lbs? What about purchasing someting for yourself then returning to the store under the premise that the money could be used somewhere else? (Even though the bills/necessities are attended to.) This is called self sabotage. The sad day when you become your own worst enemy. I was having a huge slice of cheesecake a few weeks ago, shortly after promising myself I would whip my body into the best shape I’ve ever been in… yeah, a few weeks later I’m looking forward to being a repeat offender. I have to treat myself instead of cheat myself. How can I be my own best friend if I’m already my worst enemy?

In my quest for comfort food last night I got to thinking…why DO we sabotage ourselves? Why do we insist upon feeling bad when things are going good?

We do things like:

-reject people thinking we are saving ourselves from being rejected

-push people away because in some way we feel unworthy

-eat til it hurts because we are using some invisible emotional issue as a crutch because our gym routine isn’t quite as effective as it use to be.

There is no shortage of excuses in this world we live in.

When you wake up, you have two options:

1. Sabotage yourself
2. Be amazing

Personally my daily routine consists of waking up, being amazing, going back to sleep, wake up and repeat. Okay, so not quite but you get my point.

The belief that you are not worthy is a waste of mental space. I will admit that living in a commercially driven society is a challenge. If your body isn’t perfect, or your polo shirt isn’t Ralph Lauren, or your natural curl pattern does not have “definition” you have not quite arrived to socially acceptable greatness. In many cases we are our own worst enemy. “I wish my butt was bigger…” or ” I wish I was higher up in the company…” or ” I wish I was a bit taller…”

Wishful thinking is only becomes a miracle in Disney movies, and sabotaging yourself will do nothing but make you a prime target to build someone else’s dream; because you gave up on yours. Why do we sabotage? At the end of the day we (yes me too) sabotage because:

-we worry about things we cannot control
-are afraid to shine

We are afraid to be blinded by the radiance that is contained within each of us. Sounds so silly when you put it like that doesn’t it? Well folks, that’s the same as saying you are afraid (albeit a more wordy way, but it still means the same thing.)

Are you afraid to fail? Then don’t look at it as failure, look at it as one more way NOT to get there.
Are you afraid that they won’t like you? Don’t worry about the people who make you feel incomplete, focus on the people who appreciate you completely, flaws and all.
Are you afraid it won’t be good enough? Do not busy yourself with perfection, but make it your job to be excellent.

Each person on this planet is unique and with that uniqueness comes an ever present marvelous mind. A one of a kind mind; which makes it a rare commodity. Once again, when you word it like that who are you to say you are not a rare commodity? I know I’m awesome, matter of fact I am a yummy pie, filled with goodness, laughter, caring, kindness, poetic justice and and organic undertone that makes my after taste better than the first bite. Sometimes talking about this stuff makes me feel like a fruit loop in a box full of cheerios!

Now that we have dumped the negative self talk, and agreed to not self sabotage I would love to hear about what kind of filling is in your yummy pie. Or if you don’t want to be referred to as a yummy pie, I would hope you could at least share with me how great you are.

I’m leavin’ you for now because I have to go get upclose and personal with my greatness. See you all next week!

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