The True Meaning of Freedom

ImageI was on my Facebook page on one of my FB friends posted an article from a few years back where the KKK was saluting “gangbangers” for killing off African-Americans. I would like to think that we have come so far in the past 200 years because slavery and racial segregation were eliminated but we are still fighting for these freedoms because of slavery of the mind. There are so many people in the world  that cannot see past their current circumstances to go on to accomplish bigger and better things so they take the “easy” route in life. Easy money, easy thrills and since no one looked out for them, these “easy” route takers have no sympathy or compassion for others. Because of this, unity is damn near impossible to achieve.

It is harder to take “the road less traveled” for fear of failure and humiliation but failure gives you strength. If you know what failure looks like, feels like, you want success that much more and will put up a fight to get to that point where you are happy. Your own personal happiness isn’t enough you have to give back to others so they can give. This is the only way to break this destruction cycle and promote unity.

We cannot control every situation around us BUT we can control how we react to things.   Don’t let your current unfortunate circumstances have a negative impact on your future and don’t let what others say or think define you. When you live life according to what works for you and follow your heart, then and only then will you be free. Free from the outside constrains holding you down and most importantly, free from the limitations that you and others have placed upon you.



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