Valentine’s Day Guidelines


With only ten days left until the big love day, I thought people should understand it doesn’t have to be as complicated as we make it out to be when it comes down to how you celebrate Valentine’s Day or even to celebrate it at all. Here are just a few PERSONAL guidelines I find helpful when it comes to this day.

• First and foremost, unless this is the day of your actual wedding date, do not put so much emphasis on this one day out of the year. If you do, you’re teaching yourself that this is the one day you should be appreciated when truly you should feel this way EVERYDAY, or at least most, not just on February 14th.
• If you don’t get that diamond necklace or a trip to Jamaica, it is not the end of your relationship. Do not undervalue the presence of the one who cares for you yet overvalue material things. Presence > Presents
• Spending Valentine’s Day alone is not the end of the world. I don’t care many “single and lonely” jokes people make, no one should get into a relationship just for the sake of saying “I’m in a relationship and I’m not alone.” Truth is you can very well be in a relationship and feel more alone than you would if you were single. As corny as people may think it is, loving yourself IS the greatest love of all. And if you can’t grasp that, then maybe you NEED to stay single until you understand.
• Gift exchanging a) Don’t give to receive, give because it’s truly what you want to do. If the other person doesn’t buy you anything, don’t try to make them feel guilty. If you want something SPEAK UP before the 14th comes and let them know you want to exchange gifts.
• Gift exchanging b) If you JUST started dating, or just met KEEP IT SIMPLE. You shouldn’t be racking your brain over what to give this early. Their favorite movie on dvd, a thoughtful card, and/or picnic (depending on the weather) should suffice. I know many people believe the more money you spend the better the gift or the greater the love. But my personal opinion is the more you think with love, the less you’ll have to spend with your wallet. Impress them with you love not your bank account. Think HARDER!
• Take advantage of the day after Valentine’s Day. That’s right, February 15th gets so overlooked and I don’t know why. Does 75-80% off all chocolate mean anything to anybody???? If you do end up being all depressed or disappointed over Valentine’s Day, nothing says “I love myself” like a box of almost free candy 🙂


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