Retail Therapy

ImageI have had a lot of things on my mind for the past week or so and being on Facebook/Twitter/Tumbler or any social network for that matter hasn’t helped. I’m either seeing stats/tweets about other people’s sad/crazy/happy/depressing lives and I start looking at my life and all that I am doing wrong. What do I do when I don’t know what to do? I always ask myself this question and I think I’ve finally found the answer!

When all else fails, go shopping!

I love shopping for makeup, clothes and accessories so last week when I was feeling down, I went to and bought a few makeup essentials which picked up my mood a bit. A few days later when I was feeling down again, I went to and ordered a sweater and some leggings(LOVE LOVE LOVE me some leggings!) which should get here by V-day:) And finally last night when I had 20 million things on my mind, I managed to cut it down to one thing…finding the perfect purse on I did!). It is a temporary comfort but it is still comforting nevertheless.

I am not a shopping addict(yet) but I do think its good to treat yourself especially when you deserve it and between taking 5 classes, working at an afterschool program, tutoring and writing for 2 blogs(my own and my school blogs) I deserved it!

Moral of the story: Do whatever makes you feel good(doesn’t have to be shopping lol) to take your mind off of your issues for a bit. You will still have to deal with them but after getting a pick me upper, you will find your issues a little easier to deal with!

Love. Laugh. Live. Life



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