Valentine’s Day: Make It Memorable


Here it is the eve of Valentine’s Day and there are sure to be last minute shoppers and those who have at the last second decided to shower that special someone with affection. Valentine’s Day is filled with more than just fuzzy stuffed bears, bubble baths, candle light and playlists saturated with artists like Babyface, Tyrese or Levert.

There are approximately 180 million cards exchanged annually making Valentine’s Day the most card giving holiday, second only to Christmas says Children bringing home hand made goodies from school, cupcakes in break rooms across America sprinkled with heart shaped confetti, and ads in your email. Commercials depicting marriage proposals and candy hearts litter the stores and shops. So, how do you say, “I love you” when you are lost in a sea of people spending money on perfumes, flowers and dinner dates?

Everyone is different and being knowledgeable on the one you love or care for is important. It sounds simple but many people are bought gifts every year that have nothing to do with their personalities. Whether it be the wrong shoe size or an ice cream scoop (I know someone who got an ice cream scoop for Valentine’s Day) pay enough attention to them to know that an ice cream scoop may not get you any cool points this year. Ladies if your partner is into sports, memorabilia of his favorite team is always a plus and guys if your lady is into organic beauty finding her organic smell goods is a good way to go. If you are indecisive always remember if you can’t find something they like, get them something they need!

For those of who you plan on buying flowers here are a few tips to remember:

Red Roses- signify love and passionate romance
Yellow Roses- mean friendship
Pink Roses- show elegance and poetic romance
White Roses- Unity, loyalty, sincerity
Single Red Rose- I Love You

Flowers are a lovely idea, but not your only option. Jewelry, fine dining and spa days top the list for many. However, don’t discount a clean house, home cooked meals or handmade gifts. Love notes that say, ” Can you put me on your to do list?” and flirty text messages shouldn’t be forgotten either. Quality time may sound old fashion, but there are some people out there who still want to cuddle and make it a Blockbuster night.

If you are a government employee check to see which retailer may offer you discounts in their store. For those who need inspiration Pinterest is a good site to browse (if you don’t already have the app on your phone). Shopping local, or small business is an awesome way to turn up with unique and one of a kind expressions of affection. If you are “ballin’ on a budget” or a “starving student” but still want to show off your romantic side don’t be ashamed to check your local listings for free or for 2 for 1 deals on dinners, movies or activities,  shop vintage boutiques and discount stores. Saving money can be extremely sexy to the right person.

Love and appreciation is something that should be expressed year around but if you are one of those people who needs a quick nudge in the form of red hearts and commercials here is a word of advice: While gift giving is wonderful make sure you don’t get too carried away because statistics show there are an average of at least 11,000 children are conceived on Valentine’s Day. Just a thought.

Whether you plan on joyriding in a limo or laying across the bed feeding each other fresh fruit do it from the heart and your Valentine’s Day is sure be one to remember!

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