I Got 99 Problems, but Romance Ain’t One


By now the flowers have wilted and your stomach aches from fine chocolates and late night dinner. The candles have burned out but you are left wondering how to keep the fire lit for the remainder of the year.

There is often such a focus on red hearts, gifts, flowers and cards that sometimes couples fall short during the other days they are left with. We all agree that Valentines Day isn’t the only day people are permitted to get creative and caress the one they care for with expressions of affection. However, some people out there just lack the energy, the creativity or both…

Have no fear because here is a list of date ideas sure to keep you and your companion cozy and flirty. This list has ideas for all seasons and weather.

1. Drive In Movies: Traditional date idea that sometimes we forget about. Cozy in the car, just the two of you is sure to be action packed, even if you chose to see a comedy *wink*

2. Walks on the beach: traditional but romantic none the less

3. Arcade: Don’t turn your nose up at this date idea. Winning prizes, being competitive, bright lights and plenty of sounds are sure to boost smiles.

4. Miniature Golf

5. Art Walks/Museums

6. Aquariums

7. Paintball

8. Pub Crawls

9. Karaoke: Can’t have a list without this classic

10. Car show(s)

11. Rock Climbing: Being physical doesn’t always have to be in the bedroom.

12. Cook together or take a cooking class together: Who doesn’t like to eat?! For the guys, if your lady is challenged in that department a class is a great way to bond and eat without offending her.

13. Board games: Who said Scramble can’t be stimulating?! Rainy days or lazy Saturday afternoons are a perfect time for board games.

Speaking of Saturdays, that brings us to #14…

14. Saturday Morning Cartoons: Breakfast in bed (if you can’t cook you might want to try #12 first) and watching cartoons is a great cozy option.

15. Volunteering: Don’t knock it til you try it. Giving back can boost your desire to give to each other and/or support your companion in a cause that is important to them.

16. Build a fort indoors for a movie night or camp out in the backyard and star gaze.

17. Bike riding tour of your city. Take your own bikes, or rent them. Great low cost way to spend the day.

18. Go to the Zoo or the Circus: Its not just for the kids

19. Read to each other: This activity can be made into a whole day! If you and your companion share a love for books, head to the book store together and pick a book out or search your e-reader for a mutual selection, get cozy in your space of choice and feed each other’s need to read. You can add sweet treats, healthy snacks, wine or whatever moves your senses.

Last but not least!

20. Murder Mystery Theatre: Some events are done as dinner and some just as an experience. Which ever you choose is sure to bring you closer when the lights go out and the screams start.

There you have it! 20 ideas to keep it fresh, flirty and fun. Til next week.

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