When A Man Cares

When I used to go out with my dad when I was younger he noticed I had a bad habit. Instead of allowing him to open my side of the car door and other doors to places we went, I would open them myself without hesitation and without noticing he was 2 steps behind about to open the door for me. Finally he told me to stop, and to let him get my doors. That taught me that any man, whether related or not, that truly cares for you will want to do kind, courteous, and special things for you. It doesn’t mean he thinks you’re incapable of doing them yourself but whether it means that when you are with him there are certain things he doesn’t want you to worry about because he’s going to take care of them because he cares. As goofy as it sounds, this is just one of the few SMALL ways men show what matters to them. Now I’m not saying if you’re walking into a building and a cutie holds the door open for you to that he wants you. Some guys were just raised to be courteous and practice shivery when it comes to women.

If a man wasn’t raised to be courteous and practice shivery no need to fear. He’s not a mind-reader but if you notify him of things that make you happy and bring you joy (things within reason) a man who CARES FOR YOU will be willing and able to do those things. And when I say within reason I mean things like, checking the oil on your car (or other small task that just require basic knowledge), surprise visits at work to get a quick bite to eat during your lunch hour, a bouquet of flowers waiting for you on the coffee table along with a hot bubble bath waiting for you and dinner in the over waiting to be served. A lot of women think something is wrong if you have to tell the man they’re with the things they like, but as I stated before they’re not mind-readers, no one is. You have to give him the chance to show and prove to you what he’s willing to do to put a smile on your face. But if you tell him and he makes jokes out of it or pushes it aside like it’s no big deal and you’re just trippin’ then you’ve got yourself a problem. Either he’s doesn’t care or he’s gotten too comfortable and set in a mine-set of “I got her already why do I need to do anything else extra.” That’s just the same as if a woman would stop cooking after a few years of marriage or purposely gaining 50 pounds without any intention to lose it. Bottom line, if her cares he will try and he will put forth effort whether he automatically does it or you have to tell him.

“Words say a little; effort says a lot; doing says it all – Hope you kept your receipt to return the dream you’ve been sold.”-Enitan Bereola, II


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