I’m Too Sexy: Suits and Swag Edition


Another week has come and gone and I have been counting down the hours till I can show off my appreciation to the men of the world. Ladies if you are reading this and the man in your life could use some special attention; this post is for you too! There is nothing like pampering that special man in your life, especially when you know they deserve it.

FELLAS! Just know that some of us women acknowledge your effort. Whether in suits and fly socks or bowties and bowler hats, we appreciate you, during your gym flow or just simply on the go you make us smile and because of that I’ve decided to drop some knowledge at your feet; you deserve an upgrade too.

Everyday something different about men makes me smile… Friday afternoon haircuts, Sunday morning shoe shining, Old Spice, Axe, suits, or basketball shorts and white t-shirts. Men are meticulous about many of the details of their visual composition, but how many guys out there are paying attention to the skin they are in?

OBVIOUSLY you are a guy and a good majority of guys out there are more concerned with football rather than facials… However, there are not too many other things that come to mind that are less attractive than a man with chapped lips, ashy skin and unchecked infections from ingrown hairs…

Here is a list of things to consider:

~Think “moisturizer” when buying soaps — body and hand soaps, that is.

~Buy a face moisturizer that contains sun block or sunscreen.

~If you’ve got dry skin, buy a light moisturizing body lotion for summer.

~During winter months, buy heavier moisturizing creams or ointments.

~If dry skin is really a problem, thicker and greasier is better.

~Always use a good sunscreen outdoors (SPF 15 or higher).

According to a recent consumer poll conducted by the American Academy of Dermatology, 78 percent of men who shave have experienced irritation.  To get that sexy shave that will make your 5 o’clock shadow appear closer to 6 or 7pm try these tips for shaving:

~Thoroughly wet the beard/face.

~Shave in the direction that the hairs lay.

~Avoid repeating strokes.

~Keep the skin relaxed.

I know many of you lead busy lives just like us women, so there is no shame in multitasking for a better shave (for those of you that do not already do this.) Simplify shaving by utilizing your shower. Not only is it a time-saver, the humidity of your shower will keep your skin moist and your pores open and even make the hair softer and easier to remove. Here’s a side note for you men out there whose skin may be a tad bit more defiant than the average Joe… Men’s skin tends to be (but not always) less delicate than women’s, men can also benefit from using a stronger product for exfoliating their skin.

Speaking of shaving in the year 2013 Gillette may not be the best a man can get! I urge you to choose the right razor. Inexpensive isn’t always better and vice versa. If you like to spend as little time as possible shaving, you can go for a razor with three or five blades. The important thing to remember is that you should be comfortable with your razor and not apply too much pressure, as this can cause irritation. For those of you who simply can’t handle a blade try depilatory creams (Magic Shave, etc) as they have been around for decades for a reason…

Then once you have ceremoniously disposed of or tamed the rugged crop on your face please don’t forget to moisturize!!! If you don’t moisturize it defeats the purpose of prepping if you are just going to let your face fall to pieces before you leave for work. Applying moisturizer to your skin day and night will keep it hydrated, and allow for a smoother shave. Moisturizing will also help reduce cuts and irritation. Look for moisturizers with natural hydrating ingredients like vitamin E, Shea Butter or essential oils.

In addition to cleanser, moisturizer and exfoliates, men also need an aftershave. Apply immediately after shaving and before any other product. An aftershave should be soothing (that means No Home Alone faces!), balancing and hydrating, so avoid harsh, alcohol-based products. Shaving is rougher on skin than men realize – although the exfoliation that occurs as a by-product of the ritual has done many skin-careless men a world of good.

Style Upgrade Bonus:


NOW, just because we love you guys so much we are going to send you out into the world with a list of a few products to help keep you the Dapper Dan man we know you can be! (Ladies don’t you skip this list! I’m sure there are a whole bunch of you out there that need gift ideas!):

~Neutrogena Triple Protect Face Lotion for Men (SPF 20)

~Nivea for Men Energy Face Scrub

~Vitaman Face Scrub

~Nivea Lip Care for Men Replenishing Lip Balm (Us ladies like soft lips too *wink*)

~Anthony Sport for Men Hand Cream

~L’Oreal Mens Expert Power Clean (for dry skin or pre-shave)

~Tend Skin

~B and C Skin Tight (Regular or Extra Strength depending on your need)

~High Time Bump Stopper

~Aveeno Therapeutic Shave Gel

~Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser

Also, brands like Kiehl’s, Origins,Burt’s Bees, and Raw have lines specifically for you and your 2000 parts. For the more extensive list check out http://www.groominglounge.com/skin-care/cleansers !

Til next time guys!

One thought on “I’m Too Sexy: Suits and Swag Edition

  1. Damn that was good and educational. Have to take all into consideration. You have alot if valid pointers and all.


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