Sometimes You Can’t Win For Losing


By now many of you have heard the new song released/leaked by Beyonce called “Bow Down.” The song is probably her most “cocky” to date. But unlike many, I’m not mad her, in fact I UNDERSTAND! Lately, I’ve been quick to say I’m not a Beyonce stan although it seems I’m coming to her defense a lot more these days but I just didn’t want people to think I was one of those people who sit around on the computer and wait for others to say something negative about her and then is quick to check anyone who gets “out of line.” Believe me it’s not that serious. But with her coming out with this new song was a perfect example of how you can never satisfy everyone. For the longest, Beyonce has been the most bullied female artist. Even though her character and work ethic (as far as the public can see) has been one of the best. But still she is overly critiqued (In my opinion) on what type of music she releases, the clothes she wears, the type of dancing she does, the man she chose to marry, even down to the child she carried for 9 months in her own womb. People all over have been fed up with what seem to be Beyonce’s “perfect” image/life. To them, NO ONE could be this squeaky clean or on point and needed Beyonce to act less than a lady when it came down to her personality and wanted her to somehow “lose” at something. A few weeks back my girl Angie posted a part of a speech at the Essence Magazine Black Women in Hollywood event from Gabrielle Union about how she used to celebrate in the misfortunes and gossiping rumors of her sister actresses or anyone else she felt threatened her spotlight, but then realized how as women we should be looking to uplift each other not bask in joy when we see a sister in hot water. I related so much to what she was saying because it wasn’t too long ago I was the same way. It wasn’t until one day I just saw who I was becoming. Every day “I HAD” to go to an infamous blog site, that will remain nameless, to read the latest gossip which now I see was the absolute worst. Because no matter how silly, untrue, or hurtful the story was, I wanted to read about it. Although I dared not believe everything I read on that site, I was still feeding a hateful, jealous, and hurtful spirit that I was already praying to God to be that light to outshine. In Proverbs 4:23 it says, “Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.” I was letting all kinds of foolishness into my heart. I ended up going on a fast and I didn’t go onto any blogs, whether positive or negative, for 31 days. It was hard, I would see links in my newsfeed on Facebook and wanted to click but I knew there was something great that was going to come out of it. By the end of my fast, I never clicked on another negative blog site that would promote such trash.

I say all that to say most of these sites would always have stories of Beyonce and the comment section would just be full of hate. Of course she has her millions of fans but there are people out there that say really harsh things and for 15 years Beyonce has been very quiet and has always put on a smile even though she has expressed heartache and pain through her music from professional to personal trials. Although I don’t particularly like using words like “B****” I want to let Beyonce live. So many were getting on her for being so nice, and now people are getting on her because she’s being cocky and explicit? Saying she’s 30 and she’s a mother. Um I can just about guess how many mothers out there doing way worse than Beyonce and a lot older than she is. This woman has worked hard, married, THEN had her baby. My mom has done things that weren’t too “lady like” when she was younger and she has shared those things with me even though she didn’t have to, to teach me and so that I may learn from her and how to become better. If you’re sensitive and can’t handle the language she uses, simply don’t listen to it. And if you’re not one of those people who have been hateful towards her, and called her names when you don’t know her personally, no need to get offended because SHE’S NOT TALKING TO YOU. But if you are one of those people and have been a Beyonce bully, how does a taste of your own medicine feel like? Many people aren’t even aware of her song “I Can’t Take No More” that leaked a few years back that’s a softer approach to her haters.
“It’s really been weighing on me,
tell me what did I do?
To have ya’ll hatin on me,
when I don’t have nothin’ to prove.
Sometimes I shake my head,
when I’m layin’ down in my bed.
Thinkin’ ’bout the things been said,
when you really don’t know me yet.”
Towards the end she even sings very softly as if she’s a small kid pleading to her school bully to “Leave me alone, leave alone.”
So don’t blame Beyonce, blame yourself. You pushed her over the edge and now you must pay! A number 1 single telling you to “Bow Down” lol.

2 thoughts on “Sometimes You Can’t Win For Losing

  1. Yes! Everything this woman does is picked apart and for what though. I’ve seen comments from “this song just took away her motherly nature” to its too late for her to be trying to claim Houston” umm ok yea whatever. I for one believe that she has more than earned to right to talk a little ish


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