Random Thoughts

Positive vibes:me at the Honor Society Induction Ceremony last month

Hey everyone! I know I have been slicking. I can’t even give you guys any good excuses because honestly, I don’t have any! I told myself that this year would be different. I would focus on the things I have control over (school, my site, other dreams/aspirations) and not fret over the things I couldn’t control(my love life, how others feel about me) but unfortunately, those things are easier said than done. I am doing well in school(have been able to maintain a 4.0 and I only have 1 quarter left whoop whoop!) and thanks to Tendra and Shenia, the site is still being promoted and updated on a consistent basis but I have been stressing over my love life (or lack thereof) and complaining about the same dude with the same issues for who knows how long. I know that no matter what advice someone gives me, I am going to do what I want and that I am the only one who has the power to change my situation but I seem to fall into this pity party pattern every so often.

 They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results…now I am not saying I am insane or anything but I have been driving myself crazy staying in the same mindset for so long. There is nothing permanent except change so instead of fighting things that I have no control over, I decided to change how I went about approaching the situation. I have been trying to date (which is new for me) instead of being stuck in a dead end situation, learning to accept responsibility for the part I have played in situations that haven’t turned out the way I expected and changed the formula accordingly and knowing that at the end of the day that feeling sorry for myself isn’t helping anyone…confidence is key and I have to live life believing that everything happens for a reason and that the failures that I encounter will make me appreciate the greatness that is coming my way.

Whenever I tell people about “The Angielala Experience” the first thing they ask me is what is “The Angielala Experience” all about. I used to say I discuss love/sex/relationship issues, then changed it to more of a self-esteem/confidence focus but honestly the site represents me and others like myself who find the beauty in life through personal and professional relationships, hopes, dreams and aspirations and want to learn from the mistakes of the past and grow from them. I don’t want to limit myself or be boxed in as a “relationship expert”(cause I am definitely not) or a life coach( because I am still trying to navigate and figure out my life’s ultimate purpose) but I hope that what you read and watch on here is entertaining, informative and most importantly, inspiring. 

Thank you all for rocking with me for 3 years and counting…muah!



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