My Pre-VMA experience!

Heyyyyyyyy! I know I keep on saying that I’m gonna post but I didn’t wanna just talk about any old random thing. I wanted to write something when I actually had something to talk about and this weekend gave me just the inspiration/motivation I needed! I wanted to get VMA tix and I was on 1iota everyday waiting for them to post seat filler tickets (yeah I wasn’t about to stand outside in heels all day trying to get pics lol) so while I was wishing and praying that those would come through, I found out about a few events that I wanted to go to. I was asked to help out at a pre-VMA event that Themediamodel was in charge of on Friday night. People really don’t realize what goes on behind the scenes but it is pure madness trying to make sure everything is in place. I was helping out with the gift bags and let me tell you, celebs get some pretty nice stuff! There were expensive headphones, cute little bracelets, handbags and trendy looking t-shirts and caps…so much stuff and I am like “ahhhhhhhhh!”  When the doors finally opened for the media and “celebs” to come through, it was madness! The venue was small so the temperature changed dramatically and I looked hot…literally! I didn’t see too many people that I recognized but I met a few upcoming artists that I hope to feature on the site in the near future. I also received a gift bad of the leftover stuff that was stored in the back so I was super excited about that!

Saturday was all about BK! I met up with my girl Telisha of in the city. We had brunch at this cute hipster spot in Brooklyn which was right around the corner at VP Nail Lounge where Adrienne Bailon was having a Pre-VMA event. The nail salon was super cute and the bar which was sponsored by Malibu Red had some tasty drinks. I was in heaven when I found out that they were serving red velvet cupcakes and they tasted AMAZING! Telisha and I just chilled when I spotted some familiar faces in the crowd. I ended up talking to BET/VH1 correspondent and Gossip Game star Sharon Carpenter, former 106 and Park host Miss Paigion, R&B singer Bridget Kelly, R&B singer Elle Varner and Adrienne Bailon. All of the ladies looked amazing and were really sweet. I told them about the site and how I would love to do an interview with them so I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

After that event, I headed back to Manhattan and met up with some friends who have a radio/ web show called “Titty Talk” that is hilarious and provocative in the best way! Telisha was a special guest so I had to come and support. Check them out on Facebook because you will be throughly entertained! After ALL of that, I finally headed on home lol!

I didn’t get to go to the VMA’s (insert sad face here) but I am more determined to get in there for next year…unless Miley Cyrus is performing again cause I will definitely pass on that! 


Talk to you soon and stay tuned for details on something big I’m working on called the “Confidence Campaign”


Love ya:)






me and Adrienne Bailon at her Pre-VMA Pamper Party
Elle Varner, myself and other ladies at Adrienne Bailon’s Pre-VMA Pamper Party
Bridget Kelly and I at Adrienne Bailon’s Pre-VMA Pamper Party


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