Confidence equals prettiest girl in the World

quenetta2Confidence is a feeling that can define many things. If you ask me I think it defines your attitude and self-esteem just to name a few. At some point in time, I think confidence is something we all have struggled with or may still be struggling with. I’d like to speak to you from personal experience and hope that it can help you.

Growing up I discovered I had a skin disease called Rosacea. Signs of the disease began to show in the 4th grade. Attending elementary school with pimples and red spots on my face it made me stand out to other students. The comments were pretty harsh and made me feel like the odd ball out. Another thing I’ve struggled with is having a “5 head”. Apparently, that’s the first thing people see when they see me because that’s another feature of mine people liked to point out and pick on.

All throughout my school days, I never felt as if I was pretty or attractive. Any attention a guy would give to me I would soak it up even though I knew what he wanted (sex). By the age of 18, I met someone that I THOUGHT loved me for the person I was. It was so fun and beautiful in the beginning. After 3 years, everything began to crumble. I had girls playing on my phone, he gave me a new name which was “bitch”, but the most hurtful thing was him dating a friend of mine.

When they say love can make you do some crazy things, they mean it. I became that crazy girl. I bleached his clothes, tried to fight him, and even contemplated suicide. The guy that I thought I’d married cut me deep. All the drama and bull shit I went through took me back to how I felt before I met him, unwanted. For awhile I accepted “not being the only one”. It took many nights of crying and venting to friends to realize I don’t need him and I can do way better than that.

No, I’m not completely healed but when I’m down I find my happy place. That happy place for me is music, going to get my hair and nails done, hanging out with the girls, etc. I have to make sure I make me happy because when nobody else is around, I am. Confidence is the key to my happiness. I make myself feel pretty and I make me feel good about me. When you make yourself feel awesome nobody can make you feel less than what your worth. Never let the negative things people may say about you define who you are. You are the prettiest girl in the world to someone.

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