“How to get involved in the “Confidence Campaign”

Hey everyone! The first month of the “Confidence Campaign” is almost done but I have had a blast sharing my experiences and having others share their “Confidence Experiences” with me on Facebook and Twitter. In the chat I did last week, I mentioned a few ways for others to get involved but here are a few ideas you guys can do to take part in the campaign in the upcoming months:

1) Whenever you come across a quote, video or image related to confidence, post it to your Twitter/Facebook/ Instagram with the hashtag #ConfidenceCampaign (Check out one of my promo images below)

2) Participate and post about the contests/exercises I will be posting in the coming weeks and remember to retweet/repost with the hashtag #ConfidenceCampaign

3) Write/Film a testimonial on an experience you gained confidence from so I can post it on the site:)

I look forward to seeing what you come up with! Remember to follow me on Twitter (@angielala) Like my Facebook Page and join the group for “The Angielala Experience” and follow me on Instagram (@angielala86)





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