The Pursuit of Happiness

happinessIt has been 2 weeks since my last post and I feel like I’ve let you guys down but I have been in a rut of sorts lately. I knew that trying to get to the point where I could say that I am truly happy would be hard but it feels like something keeps holding me back from achieving greatness.  I have let personal issues ( with my significant other and family) get in the way of my professional goals and the professional goals are the ones I want to carry out that will bring me happiness. I am not saying being successful in the business world is everything and it doesn’t guarantee that you will be successful in all areas of life but its a good start! All of the negative energy coming from my personal situations has brought me down and made me feel vulnerable and helpless in many ways and instead of dealing with it, I kept trying to escape which meant not coming on here and talking about it. Obviously that didn’t work well lol and I had to come back home to you all and let you know what’s been going on with me.

I was having a talk with my significant other the other day and he was saying how being vulnerable is a sign of weakness in his profession especially when interacting with the type of people he does on a day-to-day. I understood where he was coming from but I told him that you have to be vulnerable and let others in from time to time to function properly. Holding everything in or trying to forget about it altogether (which is what I was trying to do) doesn’t help but instead hinders the situation. He agreed and told me a bit more about the situation he was dealing with which helped me reach an epiphany of my own. I have promoted the “Confidence Campaign” since September and I kept telling myself that I had to feel a sense of confidence and be genuinely happy so I could speak about it honestly but I am learning that like everything else in my life, happiness and confidence are journeys not destinations. They are ever-changing feelings and situations and just because I am down one day doesn’t mean I can’t get back up and try again tomorrow. Yesterday was the day that I decided to get back up and give it a go for today and I am glad that I have been able to share all of this with you. I am a work in progress but I know now that a few bad days should not outweigh the great ones that are in store and that we all have to go through something to get to something. If there were no humps in life, there would be nothing to get over. I truly believe this with all of my heart and I can’t wait to share all the great things that are headed to “The Angielala Experience” and my life in general and I look forward to reading/hearing you experiences as well.  “Confidence Campaign” posts and events are coming soon so stay tuned for that:) Much love!

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