Confidence Campaign Theme for November: Having confidence when interacting with others

Hey everyone!!!! I wanted to post about this yesterday but some stuff came up and uhhhh yeah you know the rest! I want to make this inferiorconsentmonth count because last month started off with a bang but ended kinda blah! This month, I want to focus on confidence as it relates to dealing with others. Whether it be a personal or professional relationship that you lack confidence in, I have learned that every situation is different. You can’t always come in with your boxing gloves on. People react differently to different situations but at the same time, you can’t fade into th background or fail to speak up because of fear. Fear will get you nowhere in life. Everything that I have accomplished thus far has been because I took a chance and overcame my fear of rejection or failure in a certain situation. I still have a lot to work on but for a woman who 10 years ago would have been terrified to talk about her personal issues with anyone outside of close friends to become someone who has shared her experiences openly to thousands of people says a lot about the way I have been able to put those fears aside and communicate with other openly and honestly!

Each week I plan on talking about difference instances where I had to get over my internal fears and anxiety to gain what it really is that I want. Even though my goals may differ from yours, we all have to overcome obstacles in our way and lack of confidence is a barrier for many whether they realize it or not. Do not be afraid to be bold, stand up for what you believe in and follow your heart. If others don’t like it they can “kick rocks”(I was thinking of something a bit more explicit but I am trying to be nice lol)

Stay tuned for my monthly “Spreecast” chat that I will be doing on November 18th as well as a few other things that I have planned in the coming weeks:)

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