Breaking Out of The Box

I just finished watching Kanye West’s interview with “The Breakfast Club” (which is posted above) and after watching his 42 minute rant( anytime he talks, it becomes a rant in my opinion) and I was definitely inspired. Whenever Kanye talks, people like to focus how arrogant he is or how crazy he sounds without actually listening to what he was saying. This interview/rant was similar to the others that he has done to promote the “Yeezus” album and tour but this time around, I wanted to focus on why he was so passionate about having more control when it came to fashion and comparing himself to Steve Jobs and Michelangelo and then I realized that his vision for his life is something that is so clear in his mind that he has to keep speaking it into existence. Since we don’t understand the reason behind his actions and since we can’t see his vision because we are focused on the present instead of looking towards the future, everything he utters seems crazy and out of reach. It was in this epiphany moment that I realized that many times when dreams are shattered and fade away, it’s because we let others influence our decisions. We let others define what is acceptable and keep us in a box so they can relate and understand. Breaking out of the box may mean breaking those ties with people and losing acceptance and so many of us crave and want to be wanted and understood. Sometimes though, to gain something you have never had, you have to do things that you have never done. Thinking outside of what is considered “acceptable” and “normal” may be what is necessary to go to that next level in your life and accomplish your goals. Henry Ford, the creator of the Model T automobile once said “If I had asked my customers what they wanted, they’d have said a faster horse” In other words, thinking bigger isn’t a bad thing and having passion behind everything you set out to do will help fuel that vision and bring it to life.

Like Kanye comparing himself to Steve Jobs, I have always said I wanted to be the “Internet Oprah“. Many people, even those in my family have looked at me like I was crazy because Oprah is an icon and to attain that kind of wealth and notoriety seems impossible. I take all of this into consideration but then I remember that Oprah didn’t have anyone like her to compare herself to but she was able to create an empire and change the way we look at media as we know it. She has made it easier for me to achieve my dreams and I hope to make it easier for the next person to achieve theirs. Just like Kanye’ I don’t want to break down the doors for others to accept me but I wanted to create the doors so we all can succeed. Although money is a major part of bringing some of my visions to life, the ultimate goal is to bring about a positive change to the world and to add to others lives in the process.

Don’t let anyone else try to place limitations on your dreams and continue to break the boxes that may trap you from fulfilling your destiny!

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