My Fave Music Videos Related to Self-Confidence

Whenever I feel like finding inspiration, I do one of two things: listen to music or watch YouTube videos. Usually by going to YouTube, I can accomplish both by looking at music videos of my favorite songs. The three videos below are ones that have made me look at myself as well as others in a different light. They are based off of the song but take it one step further by showing real life situations and helping others see that they are not alone when it comes to fear and self-doubt. After viewing them, i hope you feel the same:)


I remember being in middle school when TLC’s album “Fanmail” came out and calling annoying boys “scrubs’ was second nature but the song that stood out to me more than “No Scrubs” was “Unpretty. This was during a time where I was starting to feel insecure about my looks and wanted desperately to change myself. When I saw the girl in the video forcing herself to throw up to look like the women plastered on her bedroom wall, I realized that these thoughts could lead to unhealthy behaviors. I knew I was a work in progress (still am) but this video helped me to feel a bit better about the way I perceived myself.

Christina Aguilera-Beautiful

From the moment I heard this song, I was blown away by Christina’s powerful voice and the lyrics but the video really brought things home for me. It showed the insecurities that both men and women have when it comes to weight, physical attractiveness and sexual orientation. I found the video to be a brave and honest look at the issues many of us have and when we close the doors and night and take a good look at ourselves in the mirror, we need to understand that there is no one set standard of beauty. Beauty is being true to yourself and embracing the differences that make you unique. As sappy as it may sound, this is definitely the mantra I live by.

Pink-Fuckin Perfect

The first time I ever heard this song was when I was watching an ABC Family movie called “Cyberbully”. I kept hearing the song in the previews and during commercial breaks and I recognized Pink’s voice but wasn’t familiar with the song so after the movie was over, I headed straight to YouTube and listened to the song in its entirety and loved it instantly. A little while later, I ended up watching the video that went along with it and just like “Beautiful”, I thought it was honest in its depiction of showing someone who never felt like she was pretty enough, smart enough or strong enough to matter to anyone else. After going through the pain and struggle, she realized that being “perfect” doesn’t mean you have to live up to others expectations of you but living your life by your rules. this is easier said than done but once you can shut all of those other voices out and focus on you, things will definitely start to change for the better.

Hope you enjoyed my picks! Let me know any other videos you would add in the comments section.

love. laugh. live. life.

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