Pretty Hurts

Perfection is a disease of a nation. It’s the soul that needs the surgery

Beyonce-Pretty Hurts


Last week, I posted quotes that stood out in my mind and because I have listened to Beyonce’s latest album nonstop, this lyric from her song “Pretty Hurts” stood out to me especially since many of my posts focus on having confidence. I was talking to my friend Kimmy  last night and we started talking about R&B artist Dawn Richard. I had the pleasure of interviewing her at the beginning of last year after her show at SOB’s in NYC(check out the interview here and she was so sweet and honest. As far as looks go, she was beautiful in my eyes.  Her brown skin was flawless , her haircut was on point and she had this glow about her that seemed to draw everyone in. I was so happy for her and the artist that she was becoming. I felt that she had it altogether and knew who she was so when I was on her Instagram page a few weeks ago and saw her post a picture of someone who I assumed was a model, I thought nothing of it because I figured she liked this particular woman’s look/style. Imagine how I felt when I started reading the comments and realized that she had posted a picture of herself. I was in shock and not in a good way. Although the woman in the picture was beautiful, she wasn’t the woman with the full face and smooth brown skin that I remembered interviewing a year earlier. I thought  “Maybe its Photoshop gone too far” but then I looked at pictures she posted after the first one that didn’t seem to be altered in any way and it was then that I felt that another pretty girl had given in to the pressure from the media/society.

I feel that people have a right to do what makes them happy so if plastic surgery is what works for you, then that is cool but it bothers me when people say they love who they are but then change the traits that make them unique. I feel that flaws are beautiful and give a person character. Like my eyes are huge but they stand out and I’m a petite girl for the most part but the changes that have happened to my body over the last few years have been natural not because of cosmetic enhancements. I know its hard to feel beautiful at all time especially when you see something in others that you want but giving in to the pressure would make you blend in instead of standing out. It is better to be a first-rate version of yourself than a second-rate version of someone else.

Always follow your heart and do what is right for YOU and not anyone else.

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