Goal Digger

goaldiggerI remember seeing the phrase “Goal Digger” on a shirt or some type of flyer and I thought to myself “That’s cute how they took the term “Gold Digger” and flipped it into something positive. I told myself that I am definitely a goal digger because I am going hard to carry out my goals. After thinking about it in further detail, I realized I am a goal digger not only because for me to carry out the goals I set out , I have to dig deep within myself and cut all the mental roadblocks that have been in my way. I realize that I am my own worst enemy and I have a tendency to let little things become big things and weigh me down. So instead of me “digging” to get to where I want and need to be, I build these mental roadblocks that I have to get over before I can get to where I need to be. Sometimes breakdowns lead to breakthroughs and I realized that at my lowest points, I was able to see things as they really were not what I imagined them to be. The biggest issues weren’t with the others that I blamed for my failures but instead, how I responded to them. It is impossible to change how others think and act in situations but it is possible to change the way you react. To change your own mentality is by far the most difficult of things to do because we ar creatures of habit and old habits die-hard. These “perspective changes” are the key to accomplishing goals and are what sets you apart from the rest of the crowd. And at the end f the day once you dig deep enough, you will not only find your goals but you will also gain a better sense of self as well.

Just keep digging:)


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