The official launch of (and my 28th birthday!)


It’s officially midnight!!! “The Angielala Experience” is no more. Angielala was a nickname that one of my best friends gave me (hey Felesha!) and I loved it and wanted to use it when I launched my blog and later on website  because I thought it was cute at the time Now that I’m 28 (close to 30), I wanted to create a name that better represented who I am as a person and the vision I see for the site as well as my overall brand. I came up with the name  “Amore Luxe” because of the meaning behind it. Amore means love in Italian and it also happens to be the name of my twin sister who passed when we were 5 months. I have her name tattooed on my ankle because she is my other half. Luxe is short for Luxury and I feel that the site is a representation of the “meaningful (love) and materialistic (luxury) sides of life. And I think it sounds so sophisticated’s a win win all around!

Along with the dissolution of “The Angielala Experience , I will no longer be called “Angielala” Instead, I will be going by my birth name which is Angela Cherai (accent over the e lol). is still a place where women from all walks of life can come and talk with each other about topics related to love, confidence, beauty and any other aspects of life that are important. I will still be sharing my experiences with you all in hopes that I am able to help other women going through similar situations. I am not aiming for perfection but instead, I choose to work to be the best version of myself  and I encourage everyone to do the same.


Love and live luxuriously!!!




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