The Definition of a “Hater”


Ever since I could remember, I’ve heard the term “hater” being used in many ways for a number of reasons. I think that a hater can be defined as “A person who criticizes another person’s physical appearance, possessions attitude etc. because of jealousy/envy towards that person”. Many people feed into the critical aspect of “hating”  but tend to forget about the envy/jealousy aspect and accept/condone the negativity. I feel that this happens because bringing someone down to your level is easier than trying to uplift them and use them as motivation to bring yourself to a higher level in your life. As the saying goes “Misery loves company” and a lot of miserable people in the world that put more work in spreading negative energy instead of changing their mindset and attempting to see the good in everyone and everything.

I have to admit that I’ve had  “hater” moments especially when a person possessed something I desired or thought I wanted. Instead of acknowledging the positive attributes in the person that I wanted to have, I would look for the imperfections and highlight those instead. Doing these things time and time again didn’t give anything useful to my life and in fact kept me at a standstill. It was in one of these “hating” moments that I realized that I had to change the way I perceived others because I was only hurting myself. Now I’m not saying that I love everyone and everything because I don’t but to those people and things I don’t care for, I try to not to dwell on them and instead embrace the positive qualities in a person. I don’t urge hate towards others or to myself. Some people say “My haters are my motivators” but I don’t want to use negativity as a driving force to become a better version of myself. I embrace the people who bring positivity and happiness in life and are a good example for others. Only light can end darkness and I want my inner light to shine bright and bring out that same glow in others. I hope this post can be one of my shining moments 🙂

Always remember to love and live luxuriously!

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