Growing Up Is A Trap



If there is one thing that I could name as the “Dumbest Decision Ever Made” it would be growing up. Yes, I am well aware of the fact that it is inevitable, but what I mean is the act of actually complying with it. For instance, moving out of your parents home, buying a car, falling into a serious relationship with the open option to actually get married, having children or getting a job and later realizing that you are spending most of your time either at work or in bed. Need I go on?

I absorbed the mentality of eternal youth from my father. No, I don’t believe in some magical fountain that would freeze my age forever physically. Instead, I have gone with the idea that you can remain youthful no matter how old you are. Something I like to call “The Big Kid Theory”. My father has always lived by this theory as well as being realistic with himself in life. However, no matter how real things get for him, he still remains to throw in a moment to be goofy, watch a kid’s movie or do something that involves even the slightest adrenaline rush. At the age of 52, my father still knows how to have some sort of fun–even if it is after his nap.

I can’t remember exactly when I grew up. All I know is  that one day I woke up with a notion that I no longer wanted to be underneath my parents. Going away to school for 10 months and then staying at my parents’ house for about 3 to 4 months became a drag. So, when an opportunity aroused I gladly accepted it. It wasn’t until recently that I woke up wondering where my ‘fun times’ went that didn’t involve a large crowd, loud music, an immense amount of alcohol and mornings that required sunglasses and Advil. Or whenever payday came around it seemed as if all my money went to so called responsibilities instead of actually being used on myself. It’s almost as if adulthood just weaseled its way in without me even realizing it. I thought I had control over my life until ‘adulthood’ became a thing amongst my peers. Everyone is either getting married, having children, both or being an adult in some other form and boasting about it. Whereas, I’m just sitting here waiting to graduate from college and find a way to the United Kingdom.

A part of me is running from the idea of growing up, I will admit, no matter how inevitable it is. So I hold on to the idea of eternal youth. I tell myself that no matter how old I get, that double digit is just a number. It is yet another way to track how long I’ve been on this planet. What really matters is what I do while my number increases. I’m confident in knowing that even though I may not be getting married to the love of my life or having my first born child any time soon, something that is far more dramatically amazing will happen in my long chapter of adulthood. So while I wait, certain that my life is already drawn out with tons of adventure, love and success, I shall carry on “The Big Kid Theory” and grow up as slow as possible.


2 thoughts on “Growing Up Is A Trap

  1. Girl my sediments exactly. I swear I thought by 25 I would be engaged, 26 married and 28 preggers (ha that’s definitely not happening). It’s funny how we think our lives are supposed to be mapped out due to our peers and most importantly societal pressures. I am actually happy I am not with child or have kids right now…because I am free (and its ok to like being free).

    Adulthood is a trap in a sense because “society” tell you what you are supposed to be doing at after 25 and then everyone judges you afterwards. It’s like society is a dream killer telling you that you have to have a 9-5, be in love/married, have kids, and most importantly have ALL your ish together by 30. If you don’t you failed right?

    Oh and then there is a stigma you arent allow to have as much fun anymore due to maturity…ok newsflash – maturity is just seeing things differently from a responsible standpoint, doesn’t mean you cant have fun. Look I dont need kids to enjoy a Disney movie or do fun things! I am fun now and I want to keep your theory “The Big Kid Theory” because thats so true. With or without kids, young or old I wanna have a forever a big kid mindset!

    Thanks for a cool blog (sorry about the lengthy post…I was passionate about this)!


    1. Don’t apologize for the length. I appreciate the words. And I agree 100% that society kills dreams, but it’s ok. Some of us know to keep pushing and to not give up


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