Not On The First Date


What is a woman to do at 1 a.m. when she cant sleep (hasn’t blogged in eons) and needs to be up in 3 hours? I know! Browse Facebook until she gets sleepy. Here it is, all hours of the darkness and I reach for my tablet and illuminate the dark with its bright little screen.

Smile at video of a dad taking his daughter on a date.
Hmm… What’s this?

And so it begins. I came across a post in one of my forums about a female who had recently wrapped up her first date with a guy. I just knew this was going to be entertaining so, I refilled my cup of tea, wrapped the covers around me, turned up the brightness on my tablet and read on. She was in utter shock and appalled that she offered to pay and he actually LET her pay. Excuse me, let me be more precise, she said she “cutsie haggled”. Then concluded by asking if she was wrong for feeling “some kind of way”.

So many violations here I didn’t even bother to count them off. AFTER I caught my breath from laughing uncontrollably I had to inquire what exactly is “cutsie” haggling? Then it occurred to me its that random thing women do when they are trying to flirt and attempt to umm “put up a fight”. Ladies, you know the scenario.

Guy: I got the dishes

You: That’s ok, I can get it.

Guy: You sure?

You: Dont worry, I got it.

Dishes, laundry, and unscheduled trips to the store are all game for “cutsie” haggling. However, on the first date if anyone mentions dutch I would hope they are talking about apple pie.

I hear alot of people say dutch has no place in first date conversation. I beg to differ. You can have a very enlightening conversation involving dutch. Let’s see… You can talk about how the DUTCH created bluetooth technology, or how the DUTCH were the first to breed orange carrots (carrots weren’t originally orange), you can even talk about the artist Rembrandt. He’s DUTCH!

First date etiquette,  who is paying should already be established. I’m sure there are millions of different opinions, circumstances and situations that could vary the outcome of that instance. However, to my ladies don’t ask questions you don’t want the answers to.

As an onlooker, I was more shocked that she offered to than by his willingness to allow her to do so. You would have to miss me with that ENTIRE line of thinking.

( 0_0 )  “get that outta here”
  <)  )/
     | \

I am all for a woman having the capacity to pay for her kick it, her bills and what not, but if a man wants your time and attention and wants to take YOU out there is nothing to turn down but your collar. There is absolutely nothing wrong with allowing a man to treat you respectfully, and like you are the special creation that you are. Before you get your panties in a bunch, hear me out. Even though there are men who would not dare compromise their gentleman status because of this, ask any guy and many guys will admit that when a woman exhibits too many independent (not self sufficient, there is a difference) behaviors they tend to get the impression she isn’t too interested in being treated like a lady.

I think the most interesting and entertaining part about her post were the comments. There were dozens of comments about how wrong he was for allowing her to pay and plenty of admonishment towards her even forming the thought to ask to pay. I can just hear my mother in my head now, ” You bet not let me catch you THINKING about nothing like that!”, lol.

What say you? Do you think they share responsibility for their thought processes or do you think one party was more responsible than the other? I can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

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