My 10 Year High School Reunion Recap!

Good afternoon! I wanted to post about my high school reunion yesterday but yesterday was super hectic so I didn’t get a chance to sit down and post until today! I spoke about attending my high school reunion in a post titled “Life of The Party ( and finally the big date came this past Saturday! I was super excited because even though I still live locally, I hadn’t seen many of my classmates since we graduated in 2004 so I wanted to see exactly what was going on with everyone and I must confess, I wanted to see who changed things up either personality wise, look wise, or all the above! I was expecting the reunion to be stuffy and boring like many I have heard about in the past but I was pleasantly surprised that when I arrived with my bff Krystal a little after 9pm (it started at 8 but we were “fashionably late lol) a real party was in full effect: open bar, people dancing and mingling and I’m like wow I really wasn’t expecting this! I started to mingle as well and tried to get as many pics as I could because I wanted to be able to reflect on those moments. Like I said in an earlier post, I was shy in high school so I didn’t think people would remember me but thanks to the creative planning committee, we were provided with replicas of our high school ids so if you couldn’t figure out exactly who the person was, all you had to do was show your id and boom! the connection was made…one guy I had known since 4th grade didn’t remember me until he saw my id picture and was like OMG and remembered me and my mom who taught health at my middle school for a year (that’s a whole nother story lol). I had another moment with a classmate who I didn’t recognize but I knew he went to our high school because he was being social with everyone. I couldn’t place his face so I finally asked to see his id and I was like OMG you look so different especially since he went from having a full head of hair to being bald lol…it worked for him though! Moments like these were funny and entertaining and I have our reunion to thank for that.

I think that the Columbia High School class of 2004 reunion is summed up perfectly by the quote “Some things never change” . Many of my classmates have remained friends with the people that they attended high school with and the ones that were social and had dynamic personalities still know how to work their way around the room and dance floor. Surprisingly, everyone looked amazing and even with those ladies who have filled out and the men who grew facial hair since we were all together, they were still recognizable and had that “je nais sai quoi” that everyone loved about them. Even though there was a great turnout (and even more people came to the after reunion spot at a local bar in the area lol), others missed out because they thought it would be boring, uptight and a waste of time… I only have to say that you should never underestimate the CHS class of 2004 because we killed it then and we are still killing it:p . I could go on but I think I will wait to post more after Part 2 of our reunion happens (yeah it was just that good!) For now, enjoy the pics posted below and to always love and live luxuriously!




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