Social Media Drama

socialmediadrama2Good Afternoon! After making my New Year’s Resolutions ( I was thinking to myself, “How am I going to go about achieving these goals?” As far as eating healthy, I have to buy and consume foods that will be beneficial to my body and I’ve done enough googling to know how to do that and as long as I stick to it, I’ll be good. As far as my second goal of thinking and acting positively however, that one in my opinion is easier said than done especially when my life consists of being heavily involved in social media. I am on just about every social media website out there (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr, etc.) and although I have viewed a lot of  positive stories, pics, and quotes, sometimes it feels like the negative outweighs the positive and at times, I am also guilty of playing a part in the negative energy that is put out into the social media atmosphere.

One of my closest friends refuses to sign up for any social media pages. I didn’t understand this logic because I feel that sites such as Facebook are a great way to stay connected to family and friends that you would lose contact with otherwise but she wouldn’t budge from her position of social media being emotionally draining and drama filled. I didn’t fully understand where she was coming from until I thought about the “drama” I have had because of social media. My ex boyfriend is my Facebook friend and a few years back, a Facebook friend of mine messaged me. We had a good conversation and  when this person asked me for my number, I didn’t really see as a big deal because I had like a million business cards with my number on it so I figured it was just another way of “connecting” with people. Turns  out that this guy I was connecting with was my ex’s cousin and he was very upset. We talked about it and moved on from that situation but now I know to check the “mutual friends” list before I engage in conversation with anyone I become Facebook friends with!

I’ve learned that incorporating all aspects of my life (business and personal) isn’t always the best idea on social media. People see your social media page as a reflection of yourself so if you come across as crazy on your social media pages, people who don’t know you personally will think you are a  crazy person in real life. I know of a few people who love to go back and forth sending negative tweets and arguing on others’ pages out of frustration and in real life they are sweet, friendly and make for great company. Social media can be like one of those mirrors you see in a fun house. The image of yourself is distorted by the mirror that is in front of you and while you may the true you others see the distorted image which is not close to what is reality.

I have never been one to put all of my business on my Facebook page  or subtweet about anyone because I am the kind of person that will tell someone face to face if I have an issue with them. You obviously can’t do the same with people you don’t know personally so I have said negative things about celebrities that I don’t care for and have spread that negative energy to my friends and followers. Although it’s unrealistic to like everyone and everything they say or do, I don’t have to take part in bringing them down. I truly do believe the saying “To each his own” and I want to be able to ultimately say that I am open-minded and encourage people to be true to who they are even if I may not necessarily agree with their thoughts. Now this doesn’t mean that I am going to censor myself from speaking my mind when it comes to how I view the world, but I am going to focus on MY thoughts and MY actions before I pass judgment on someone else. This is about my own personal growth and I want to attract what I put out there so I am hoping that my  life will be filled with positive vibes for 2015 and beyond!

Progress can be a slow process but I am going to work on it on a daily basis starting here on “Amore Luxe”. I want every single post I make to add to someone else’s life. I want everyone who reads a post or watches a video on here to feel inspired, encouraged and uplifted after they close their browsers. There are so many sites that focus on gossiping and the negative attributes of the human race and I don’t want to contribute to that in any way. Drama may be  entertaining but it is also draining to the spirit so “Amore Luxe”will be a place where your spirit can feel replenished instead of depleted.  Spreading confidence is my mission and I hope that in the future, millions of people can be the best versions of themselves and help in spreading that self-love for others to see the beauty and light within themselves. And we are going to have lots of fun while spreading the love so make sure you stay tuned!


Always remember to love and live luxuriously!


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