Less Than Perfect

Pretty, pretty please don’t you ever, ever feel
Like you’re less than less than perfect
Pretty, pretty please if you ever, ever feel
Like you’re nothing, you are perfect to me

Pink-Less Than Perfect

Good Afternoon! I announced the launch of the “Confidence Campaign 2015” yesterday and I am so excited! There are so many issues I want to talk and have open discussions about. Confidence has an effect on every aspect of life and although we are always told that it is what’s on the inside that counts which is absolutely true but so many of us care about our appearance. We focus on what others think of us especially w hen it comes to the opposite sex and do things to appeal to them. Some may think that these thoughts start at adolescence because of peer pressure but I have seen for myself that it starts at an early age.

I am a tutor at an afterschool program and I work with kids ages 5-11 and there is this one girl who was one of the inspirations for this post. She is a cute, thin brown-skinned girl who runs  her mouth at all the wrong times and is constantly in trouble because of it. Her mother came in to the daycare one day visibly upset because her daughter got in trouble at school earlier  in the day Even though her talkative nature was worrisome, what bothered me even more was that her mom said she hardly eats anything when she’s at school or home. My mother is a Certified Teacher in Health Education and between the conversations we’ve had and the countless movies I’ve watched throughout my childhood and young adult life, I started to become worried that this little girl was showing signs of Anorexia. I pulled her aside and had a conversation with her and asked her why she didn’t want to eat and she told me that she didn’t want to get fat. I couldn’t understand why this little girl who takes ballet and has not an ounce of fat on her was so worried about being fat. It broke my heart and made me realize that working on having good self-esteem at a young age.

Children are very influenced by what they see and hear and absorb everything so we have to make sure that we put positive self-image messages out there to counteract the millions of negative messages that the media releases daily. Instead of showing size 2 models in all the advertisements let’s have size 14 models which reflects the size of the average woman in the United States. Instead of focusing so much on fad diets to lose weight quickly let’s focus on eating healthy and incorporating exercise into our daily lives to be better people, not to appease the world but for our own mental, physical and spiritual well-being.

I hope that this “Confidence Campaign’ is a gateway into further conversations about changing the way we view each other and ourselves. Let’s continue the conversation on Twitter. Facebook and Instagram by using the hashtag #confidencecampaign. This is definitely the beginning of something big! Much love to you all:)


Always remember to love and live luxuriously!

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