30 Days of Confidence Challenge 


Good Morning!!!! Last week. I was talking about how finding confidence within yourself can be compared to finding happiness. It isn’t a destination, it’s a journey and we all have our ups and down while working on becoming the best version of ourselves. Speaking for myself, I have had many ups and downs this week alone from being stressed out at a job that I can’t stand (I will be out of there after the summer lol) to feeling frustrated because I was afraid that my past mistakes with college would affect me earning my MBA (I got it all sorted out thank goodness!) and because of these things, my self-confidence started to waver. I went into pity party mode and instead of making moves, I became stagnant which is even more frustrating because I hate feeling like I am not getting anywhere. Instead of sitting around moping for eternity, I wanted to do something about it!

Since many of you have agreed that confidence is a trait that is a work in progress, I have decided to do an exercise of sorts similar to the “30 Days of Truth” exercise that I participated in a couple of years ago (check out the link for that exercise here: http://debiehive.blogspot.com/p/30-days-of-truth.html)   Starting tomorrow, I will post an activity/exercise challenge every few days to do that will serve as motivation wherever it is needed! There are 3 things I want to accomplish before this year is over: getting my license, going back to school to get my MBA, finding a marketing related position that will benefit me and “Amore Luxe”. These are 3 attainable goals but they won’t be easy because I know I need to have faith instead of being fearful, work hard instead of being lazy and most importantly, knowing that I deserve to achieve these goals because I am amazing and should only want the best for myself. We have to be honest with ourselves for our situations to improve. Making excuses will not get you anywhere and failure doesn’t equate to giving up. I am hoping that the “30 Days of Confidence” will bring about positive changes in your lives and even if others can’t/won’t take part, they will see the change in you and use that as an example to do better! Stay tuned tomorrow for the first activity/exercise and if you have any confidence boosting exercises of your own, please share them in the comments section below:)


Always remember to love and live luxuriously!

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