I have a few announcements to make! 

announcementsbannerGood Afternoon lovely people! I want to start the week off on a positive note and let you guys know what is to come on “Amore Luxe”. The first event  is the web chat that I have talked about for the past few weeks on my social media pages that  I’m so excited about! I will be doing my first web chat of 2015 live on Wednesday August 19 at 9 PM Eastern standard time on Spreecast. The topic is colorism within and outside the black community. Make sure you post your thoughts down below so I can share them on the air. I have a couple of YouTube videos coming up later in the week. I was supposed to post them last week but there were shooting and editing issues that needed to be handled but they are definitely coming out this week so stay tuned for that. I’m also working on a contest that will most likely start in the fall because I want to thank you guys for sticking with me during this crazy time in my life. I usually draw a blank when it comes to contest ideas but my girl Shenia gave me a lot of great ideas so we are working on the details which I will announce in the coming weeks.

I know I’ve slacked a lot and one of my long-term goals is on remaining consistent as it relates to the site and everything else that will help me get to where I want to be in my life.  I feel the need to take on a lot at once and then fall short because of feeling overwhelmed under pressure. When things don’t work out the way I expect them to, I feel like I’ve fallen short and instead of pushing through it and learning from it, I tend to dwell on what I don’t have and how far I have to go.  I am slowly but surely learning to be thankful for all the blessings that are in my life and how far I have come especially when I remember how confused and lost I felt around this same time 10 years ago.  I am a work in progress that will grow and thrive with every challenge and obstacles that comes my way and I know that many of you are going through the same struggles but we will make it through and be better people because of it. Thank you for your continued patience, love and support. I NEVER take any of it for granted. I hope everyone has an inspiring and productive day:)

Always remember to love and live luxuriously!

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