Pic of me and my brother on his 7th birthday:)

Good Afternoon! Yesterday after posting my last blog entry, I was worried that if I didn’t post regularly, I would become inconsistent once again and start to fall off which has been my biggest concern as it relates to “Amore Luxe”. I had a few ideas swimming around in my head but nothing stuck out to me until I really sat down and gave myself a pep talk. Now I didn’t say these things aloud (although I’m known to talk to myself from time to time lol) but I told myself that I need to stick to writing what I know instead of trying to put on a positive front or write what I think people expect from me. Once I told myself that, I instantly knew what I wanted to write about. Pictures or as I like to call them. photographs.

I’m fascinated by photographs, old ones in particular. When I was younger,  I would go to my grandparents house and spend hours looking at old photographs of my grandparents, my dad and my uncles when they were young and even pics of myself when I was younger with my brother and cousins. These pictures gave me so much joy because it took me back to those moments in time. Even though I wasn’t around when my dad was a child (obviously!) looking at the pictures that went along with the stories that my grandma shared warmed me up inside. My grandpa would take pics with his Polaroid  camera and that was exciting because not many people had them at that time. I would wait a few minutes (which felt like eternity) and could see my image and reflected in that photo and add it to the pile of pics that I could look at every time I went to my grandparents house. I also remember my mom taking pics of me when I was younger. She had this slim pink camera that she would buy film for and take random pics of me around the house or at special events like Kindergarten graduation. I loved taking pics and although I had to wait a few days to see what they looked like, (remember those days!) I was anxious and excited because my mom was able to freeze moments in time. Moments that I cherished. Moments that I could never get back.

As time passed, my mom didn’t really care about taking pictures anymore. My grandpa stopped taking pics with his Polaroid camera and I didn’t care to look at the old pictures as often as before. I guess the present moments became a priority and looking at the past became redundant and pointless. When I lost my grandfather 4 years ago and my father 2 years after that, I craved to look at those pictures again but my grandma was in Florida and had all the pictures with her. I wanted her to e-mail them but that takes time and she didn’t know how to scan pictures to the computer and honestly, it just wasn’t the same. I needed her to be here to tell me the stories that lied behind the black and white photographs because the stories are what made the photographs special to me. Fortunately for me, she moved back to Jersey in September and I got a chance to visit her and look at all the photographs that I spent hours looking at during my childhood and even some that I had never seen before like her wedding pics. Needless to say, I was on cloud nine and looking back at these photographs made me somewhat sad because some of the people who were in them are no longer around but happy as well because without them, I wouldn’t be here to have my own photographs that will add to the story of my life. Take the time to enjoy each moment and capture it when you can. Don’t do it to stunt for social media or solely because it’s what’s expected of you but because your children and grandchildren may look at those photographs years from now and you can share your own unique story about what that moment in time meant to you. That’s what I’m going to try to do from now on! And maybe the occasional selfie or two:p


Next post will be up on Friday so stay tuned!


Until then, always remember to love and live luxuriously!




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