Motivation Monday: Setbacks to Comebacks

tumblr_mle4lt1siv1qm99efo1_500Happy Monday! I was thinking about my life and how things aren’t the way I thought they would be. By 30, I figured that I would be a successful love and relationship blogger/vlogger with thousands of views. I just knew that I would be in a committed relationship on the road to marriage and that for the first time in a long time, everything would start to make sense.  Instead, I’m rebuilding my website that focuses on confidence related issues and trying to entice readers and viewers with content that will entertain and inspire. As far as my love life is concerned, I just ended a 4 year situationship and vowed to stay celibate until I find a man who wants the same things I want out of a relationship. Needless to say, I’m still single! I can’t act like I am not partly at fault for the way things are but I wondered why everyone else seemed to be ahead of me in life. I know things could be much worse and I am grateful for what I have but why couldn’t things be better? Why when it feels like I am getting to where I need to be, life throws another curveball. Why am I not attracting the right kind of people into my space instead of the commitment phobic men that keep creeping up? It took me awhile to understand but I think that all the challenges are preparing me for something bigger, something greater than I could ever imagine.

I have to go through trials and tribulations to find the light at the end of the tunnel. I had to see what I didn’t want from a man and out of a relationship to appreciate the qualities that I should be looking for in a partner. I have to know what it feels like to fail to truly appreciate the feeling of success. The struggle is my motivation because I know that I don’t want to stay in the place I am in so I have to push past all the obstacles that are in my way to get to where I need to be. Setbacks lead to comebacks as long as you keep moving forward. It is easier said than done but I know that I am destined for greatness so while the past is a great teacher that will help me in my future, I can’t let it define me. One day at a time:)

I will be live on Facebook on Wednesday night at 8pm EST. The topic is “Eliminating Limitations” and I have lots to say so make sure you tune in! Check back here for my next post on Wednesday as well.


Always remember to love and live luxuriously!

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