Amore Luxe Media


Amore Luxe Media offers social media management services for platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Services include posting visual media on selected accounts, monitoring activity and creating marketing goals based on activity. Amore Luxe Media also offers Blog/Website content management for platforms such as WordPress (my fave!), SquareSpace and Blogger among others. Content will be posted on a daily/weekly basis on the client’s blog/website and I will link site content to associated social media accounts and monitor the website/blog. If you prefer not to use Amore Luxe Media services on a regular basis, you have the option of paying a one time fee for a social media analysis where I will review your social media account(s) and note what works and what does not and give suggestions based on my findings. Amore Luxe Media also offers marketing services such as the creation of a marketing plan which addresses the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats as well as focusing on target market(s) and how to create a strategy based on these components.

Amore Luxe Media also offers writing composition services for essays, terms papers, thesis papers and Powerpoint presentations. Details about these services can be provided by emailing me at Fees are charged weekly/bi-weekly with the exception of one time fees for the Social Media Analysis, Marketing Plan and essays/papers/presentations. I WILL NOT have the prices listed on here or in the brochure but my pricing list as well as details on each service can be provided by emailing me at Please make sure that you specify the service(s) you are looking for so I can respond accordingly. You can view/download a PDF format of the Amore Luxe Media Brochure by clicking on the link below:

Amore Luxe Media Brochure

Love and live luxuriously…and efficiently!