Spotlight On Black Businesses: Day 2

Good Morning! I am back with Day 2 of my Spotlight On Black Businesses. These next 3 businesses are my go to ladies for my protective style needs and new go to online boutique for my fashion needs. I have known these 3 women for 10 + years and I am so happy that they stepped out on faith and started their own businesses. Read on to find more about these lovely ladies and their endeavors.

Shante (@suiteshante)

I just have to say Happy Birthday to my girl Tae!!! She is kicking off her thirty something (not gonna put her age out there like that) year with a bang! Today is not only her bday but it is also the official launch of her online boutique Suite Shante ( I remember when Suite Shante was just a dream and to see her vision come to fruition has been motivation for me to get back on my grind. She is so deserving of all the success that is headed her way and mark my words, Suite Shante will be a premiere online boutique for trendy, chic clothing at an affordable price. I plan on taking flicks in the outfit that I’ve already chosen from the site(its hella cute!)  so check for those in upcoming posts! Make sure you follow her on IG @suiteshante for more information! Tae, Happy Happy Birthday! I am not sure what you will wish for but I am sure that whatever it is, you will make it happen because that’s just who you are! Thank you for always being there for me and giving me the push I needed to get back into the swing of things. I know that Suite Shante is just the tip of the iceberg so I am looking forward to what’s next.  We will definitely have a blast  on Sunday! Love ya

Tiffany (@_kustomkrownz)

There’s so much I can say about my oldest friend (Known her since we were 6 lol) but one thing that always stood out about Tiffany is her passion for life and desire to learn. She is self taught as it relates to making wigs and was the only person that could get me in a wig for longer than a day because of how skilled and talented she is! Through her company Kustom Krownz, she sells high quality virgin hair extensions (which I can honestly say last for a long time!) and custom made wig units which she will cut, dye, style and whatever else you desire!  Recently, she opened up her own salon suite right outside of Las Vegas. I am bummed that she is so far away but so proud of her making that move in order to grow and expand. Fortunately for me and her other customers outside of Nevada, she does ship so make sure you hit her up at @_kustomkrownz and tell her that Angie sent you so I can get a discount lmao…seriously though if you want high quality extensions and wigs at reasonable prices, Kustom Krownz is the way to go! Tiffany, 27 years of friendship and counting and I have never been more proud of you than I am now. Your growth and ability to seize the moment has led you to all of the success you have had so far and there is still so much more to go. I will be out there as soon as I can to see your salon. Love ya!!!

Tiarah (@crochet_queen9)

There isn’t just one word I can use to describe Tiarah because she is funny, chill, friendly, serious, crazy (in the best way possible!) and very talented. The box braid style you see in the pic was done by her masterful hands (don’t ask her to do this particular style for you cause I was at her house forever and she’s just not gonna do it ever again lol) and I love the result! Crochet & Slay is her company where she will crochet (obviously!) braid, and twist your hair to give you a style that works for your taste and budget. I stopped going to braiding salons because I feel that Tiarah takes the time (literally!) and effort into giving you exactly what you want without the headache and tension that can happen when you let others braid your hair. Make sure you hit her up @crochet_queen9 for an appointment and view the various styles and satisfied clients she has. Tiarah, I am so proud of you and all of the moves you are making to ensure a better future for you and your family. Following your passion is tough but you have put in the work which is half the battle. Can’t wait to see where Crochet & Slay goes and just remember that you can do anything you set your mind to! Love you girl!

Tomorrow will be the spotlight on the last 3 businesses/endeavors so make sure you come back to view my post! Also, if you own a business, comment below so I can shout you out in a future post! Thanks for the support and always remember to love and live luxuriously!

New Year, New Me Makeover Recap

Good Afternoon! I know you all have been waiting for me to post about this makeover that my friends and I were working on and I am a week late in posting but things have been very busy for me! I am so happy that I finally have the chance to post everything on here! I had the opportunity to interview the Grand Prize winner Evelyn and the runner-up winner Shanik and talk to them a bit about their reasons for getting the makeover. Their stories really touched me and the rest of the makeover team and I am sure you will feel the same! Evelyn was styled from head  to toe from hair, makeup and clothes and participated in a photo shoot to show her new look off. Shanik had her hair styled and makeup done by our team. Both ladies were also gifted with a gift bag courtesy of Mizani and Danessa Myricks. In other words, they are SET for the new year!

Thanks to Ellin Lavar of Lavar Hair Designs for letting us use her salon for the makeover and shoot and a very special thanks to the “New Year, New Me” Makeover Team for making all of this possible! Follow them on Instagram:

Hair Stylist: @HairGirlReginaPearl and Tawanna of @lavarhair
Stylist: @steffiev
Creative Director: @sh0nique
Make Up Artist: @niasia_ and @mo_bates
Nail Artist: @shellbeezy
Photographer/Videographer: @misterduffey
Salon: Lavar Hair Designs @lavarhair


Scroll down below for pictures as well as my interviews with the lovely ladies! I have a lot planned for February and thanks to my new social media maven Kimmy, I’m about to make some ish happen so stay tuned! Always remember to love and live luxuriously!



Before and After shots of our “New Year, New Me” makeover grand prize winner Evelyn


Before and After shots of our “New Year, New Me” Makeover Runner Up Shanik!


Side Profile of Evelyn from her shoot


Evelyn’s full on punk glam look!


The lovely ladies posing together after their makeovers!


Close up of Shanik’s new look!


Side profile of Shanik’s new cut!


BTS Video and Interviews




Fashion Fridays-50’s Inspired Clothing

Starting today. I’ve decided to make every Friday “Fashion Friday” on Amore Luxe. I don’t proclaim to be a “fashionista” in any way but I know what I like. I am a self-proclaimed “girly girl” and I love feminine details like lace and sparkles. Animal print has made its way into my wardrobe in the past 2 years and I am in love with long summer dresses. Lately, I have been drawn to more of a traditional yet sexy look. I have noticed that many designers and celebrities alike have been drawn to the look and fit of clothing from the 50’s. I love that women were outfits that were simple yet classic and whether you wore a dress or pants, the outfits embraced a woman’s curves and drew attention to her best features. I plan on buying a few 50’s inspired  outfits to add to my wardrobe this summer and here are 3 looks that I love!


















Polka Dot Dress

I love the simplicity yet fun feel of a polka dot dress. Its bright but not over the top and the overall design of the dress is sexy without showing too much. This dress is flattering on all different sizes and I feel it’s the perfect dress to wear out to a brunch or picnic and if you wear the right accessories and shoes, you can wear it to a party or another dress up function. If you aren’t particularly fond of polka dots, try it in a simple solid color. Versatility is key for me when it comes to buying pieces and in my opinion, this dress is the epitome of versatile.

















One Piece Swimsuit

Back in the 50’s, women were more modest when it came to showing off their bodies especially on the beach. As a result, one piece swimsuits were ideal whether you wanted to jump in the water or simply lay out in the sun. Even though we have a variety of swimsuit looks to choose from today from bikinis to monokinis and everything in between, its nice to take it back to a classic and timeless look. I think that this swimsuit is nice because the ruching in the midsection can give the look of a flatter stomach and the halter top draws attention to the neckline. Whether you like wearing patterns or just one color, this one piece will flatter your figure!















Tank Top and Shorts

This is one of my favorite looks because its simple( which is a trend in 50’s wear) but can be worn in many ways. The model pictured has a striped tank with jean shorts but you can change the color of the tank and jeans so they can work for you. Add a cute accessory like a flower in your hair to complete the look. This look can be worn with sneakers for a casual feel (Keds are my fave for this look especially the ones with different patterns on them) or a peep toe pump to dress it up a bit. It’s all about your personality and what you feel comfortable with but keeping it simple yet chic is the best way to pull off this look!

If you aren’t sure where to find these types of outfits, make sure you check out sites such as (love their vintage dresses section) and for a variety of 50’s inspired clothing that will work for any budget. Happy shopping and since I’m still an amateur in this fashion game, I love reading your comments/suggestions/critiques so please feel free to comment below. Have an amazing weekend:)


Love and live luxuriously!