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  • Shattering My Rose Colored Glasses - Good Morning! I am back with another post like I promised (go me!) and this topic came naturally to me. I started thinking about what “epiphany” moment has had the biggest impact on my life in 2018 so far and I realized it was when I finally got through my head that just because I […]
  • Official Launch of Amore Luxe Media!!! - Good Morning! I am so excited because today is the day that I am officially launching my social media management company Amore Luxe Media. I’ve been talking about it for MONTHS now and I was just waiting for a few things to be completed behind the scenes mainly my brochure but everything is done and I […]



Interview with Tristan “Mack” Wilds

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  • Snow Day Revelations/Going on Hiatus - Hey everyone! It’s the first full week of February and I can’t believe that this is my first post of 2017. I didn’t plan on things being this way but the same old issues keep coming up mainly my lack of inspiration and motivation. I am off from work for the first time since Christmas […]
  • The 2017 Switch Up! - Happy Holidays everyone! I wanted to make 1 last post for 2016 before I decided to introduce a few of the changes I have in store for 2017. A lot of my friends and followers have been asking me why the posts on the site have been few and far in between and I would […]