Amore is On Hiatus!

img_0291Happy New Year! It’s been about 4 months since my last post and I told myself that I would stop with the BS excuses in 2019 so I’m just going to be honest with you. I have no idea what I wanted to do with “Amore Luxe”. What began as a passion/hobby started to feel like a burden. I was depressed and discouraged and didn’t want to write about that so I stayed away. I would occasionally pop up and try to impart words of wisdom but it didn’t feel completely genuine so I felt that it was best that I stayed away until I had something positive/fun/uplifting to write about. Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months and before I knew it, 2019 was here! I told myself that I wouldn’t start this year off the same way as I did all the others: broken promises and more bs so I’m posting today to tell you that I’m still figuring out what direction I want this blog to go into. No major announcements will happen until I know exactly what I want to do. I have ideas but until they are made a reality, I am going to work behind the scenes and really plan things out.  Although there won’t be any posts for the time being, I am still active on social media (Angela Cherai on FB and @amoreluxe_ on IG) so you can reach me there and “Amore Luxe Media” is up and running so hit me up for all of your social media/content writing needs! Thank you for your continued patience and I will make sure that all of the changes are worth the wait! Talk to you soon!!

Until then,

Love and Live Luxuriously!


Having Confidence When It Comes To Your Appearance

Hey everyone! It’s the beginning of December (not to mention only 22 days until Christmas!) and I wanted to focus on confidence when it comes to how you feel about the way you look. I know many women( including myself) are so critical of how we look from complaining about our size, our skin or just any feature on our body that we would like to change/remove. I feel that as much as we beat ourselves up about our appearance, we should be trying to turn that negative energy into positive energy and focus on doing things that make us feel good. Around the same time I was trying to come up with an idea on how to celebrate our uniqueness, I received a makeup brush kit from Real Techniques. I have heard good things about their brushes and with the brushes came a “Girls Night In” party idea and I thought to myself “This would be a perfect way to switch things up but have fun and embrace the things that make us special at the same time”. This past Sunday, my friend/hairstylist Regina Pearl allowed me to throw a mini makeup party at her home and we had my friend Jou take pics and record it. A few of the pics are below but stay tuned for my masterpost coming up later this week where you will see the funny behind the scenes video along with the before and after pics of my friends (and myself ) who received a mini makeover courtesy of my friends Shonique and Regina, and one look done by myself:) I feel that makeup isn’t about changing what you look like. I use it to enhance what I already love about myself and it’s fun to switch things up now and then! I urge all of you to go outside of your comfort zone and do something different for once. It could be that extra pick me up you need! I will be doing a Spreecast Stream next week as well as a big announcement that I am so excited about so stay tuned!

   makeup4 makeup6makeup5