My Fave Places To Shop!

Whenever I am feeling kinda blah or uninspired, I instantly perk up when I am able to engage in some retail therapy. Many people would consider me a “girly girl” and I think that shopping is one of the reasons why. I love buying, makeup, jeans, leggings(addicted to them sadly!) shoes/boots(don’t really wear sneakers anymore) and any accessories that I think would look good on me. I’m also becoming tech savvy as of late so I like finding out what the latest gadgets are and playing around with them while shopping and if i have the $$$ to get the latest “it” device, I do! There are so many places to shop but here are a few of my faves!

Sephora (


Sephora is my go to store for all things related to beauty. I love their makeup selection because they have all my fave brands like Urban Decay, Tarte and Smashbox (no MAC but I really only purchase their lipsticks so it’s no biggie) but they also have a lot of great skin care brands such as Clinique, Philosophy and Fresh. I  love shopping at my local Sephora store but I also like the convenience and variety of products they offer online as well. At one point I ordered online so much that I racked up 500 Beauty Insider points and got a deluxe sample size gift! They also give you a gift during your birthday month such as a body wash or lipstick so the perks of shopping there are a plus! Check out the various holiday deals they have out now before it’s too late!

Victoria’s Secret (


Now most people think of sexy lingerie when they think of Victoria’s Secret but I honestly go for their 7 for $26 cute and comfy underwear deals. Their bras can be a bit pricey (paid $55 for a few of them) but they last and give you the extra ‘boost” you may need to look your best. There are always sales going on especially around the holidays not only on their bras and panties but their body sets as well. I used to be in love with their best-selling fragrance “Love Spell” in high school but everyone started wearing it so the smell because a nuisance. Pure Seduction is my current fave so I hope that it doesn’t become annoying to me as well. Rack up on all the deals while they last!


Amazon (


As much as I love to shop, I can be frugal (a fancy word for cheap IMO) and I want the best items at the lowest price. Amazon usually has amazing deals on everything from clothing to electronics and many times offers items that you may not be able to find in stores. I bought a bluetooth headset that I wanted but couldn’t seem to find in any of my local stores and received free shipping on it! the only downside is if you order items for dirt cheap, they usually are being shipped from places like Hong Kong and China and may take a few weeks to arrive so be patient because saving a ton of money is worth it!



These are just a few of my fave places to shop but let me know what your list would look like in the comments section below. Happy Holidays!

Having Confidence When It Comes To Your Appearance

Hey everyone! It’s the beginning of December (not to mention only 22 days until Christmas!) and I wanted to focus on confidence when it comes to how you feel about the way you look. I know many women( including myself) are so critical of how we look from complaining about our size, our skin or just any feature on our body that we would like to change/remove. I feel that as much as we beat ourselves up about our appearance, we should be trying to turn that negative energy into positive energy and focus on doing things that make us feel good. Around the same time I was trying to come up with an idea on how to celebrate our uniqueness, I received a makeup brush kit from Real Techniques. I have heard good things about their brushes and with the brushes came a “Girls Night In” party idea and I thought to myself “This would be a perfect way to switch things up but have fun and embrace the things that make us special at the same time”. This past Sunday, my friend/hairstylist Regina Pearl allowed me to throw a mini makeup party at her home and we had my friend Jou take pics and record it. A few of the pics are below but stay tuned for my masterpost coming up later this week where you will see the funny behind the scenes video along with the before and after pics of my friends (and myself ) who received a mini makeover courtesy of my friends Shonique and Regina, and one look done by myself:) I feel that makeup isn’t about changing what you look like. I use it to enhance what I already love about myself and it’s fun to switch things up now and then! I urge all of you to go outside of your comfort zone and do something different for once. It could be that extra pick me up you need! I will be doing a Spreecast Stream next week as well as a big announcement that I am so excited about so stay tuned!

   makeup4 makeup6makeup5